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Vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit - Die Kundenbeziehungen von heute sind fortlaufende Gespräche, die sich im Verlauf der Zeit und über verschiedene Kanäle hinweg entfalten. Telefon, Video, E-Mail, Chat, soziale Medien: Alles ist heute ein einziger integrierter Multimediakanal. Eine korrekte, nahtlose Umsetzung zahlt sich durch steigende Einnahmen und einen höheren Lifetime Value der Kunden aus. Unsere Lösungen für vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit machen es möglich.

Unified Communications

Effiziente Zusammenarbeit im Team - Team Engagement ist das Ergebnis, wenn Ihre gesamte Belegschaft mühelos mit ihrer Aufgabe, miteinander und den Kunden verbunden ist. Einfache und medienübergreifende Zusammenarbeit. Wenn es funktioniert, spüren Sie es in Ihrer Unternehmenskultur und in der Bilanz – am deutlichsten fühlen es aber Ihre Kunden. Grenzen fallen. Produktivität wächst. Unsere Lösungen für beste Zusammenarbeit im Team bringen Sie dorthin.

Buddy Valastro schuf in 5 Jahren ein 1142% Wachstum bei Carlo’s Bakery's Angestellten.


Verbesserter Kundenservice
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Popularity of TLC’s “Cake Boss” Reality Series Drives Need for Simplicity, Power in Core Communication Platforms

“Avaya has provided us with a comprehensive solution that handles all of our business needs and helps us to work together more efficiently, collaborate more easily, and ultimately reduce costs through better communication.” 

Leo Minervini, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Carlo’s Bakery

In the last five years, Carlo’s Bakery has grown from its single flagship location in Hoboken to six stores and an 80,000 square-foot factory in Lackawanna, NJ. The number of Carlo’s Bakery employees has increased from 35 in 2009 to over 400, and Buddy now stars in two additional TLC reality series. Upgrading the business communications infrastructure to minimize complexity and drive simplicity has been a key success factor in Carlo’s Bakery growth journey.

Rapid Growth

Part of the growth challenge was maintaining Carlo’s Bakery’s high standards for customer service. Facing lines out the door, phones ringing off the hook and a rapidly growing online presence, the family realized it needed to an entirely new communications platform. For that, they turned to Avaya.

“I always joke that our old call center customer experience model was, ‘Carlo’s Bakery, please hold,’” laughs Valastro. Avaya offered Carlo’s Bakery an alternative to piecemeal solutions. Avaya took Carlo’s Bakery from six phone lines to a state-of-the-art infrastructure to support critical applications on a 24x7 basis, including IP Office™ Platform, Avaya’s flagship solution for small and midmarket enterprises, wireless LAN, and data network solutions.

Carlo’s Bakery

Seamless & Cost– Effective

Carlo’s Bakery deployed an end-to-end, high-speed Avaya network throughout the organization. As new stores are built, adding those locations to the network and enabling full communication capability is seamless and cost effective. Carlo’s Bakery is leveraging its Avaya network to the fullest extent, using the fast, reliable Wi-Fi to power numerous applications, including the company’s Apple iPad-based inventory control management and Point of Sale solutions.

“We have lines out the door almost every day at every Carlo’s Bakery location,” explains Minervini. “So we deployed an iPad POS app that lets us take orders and payment from customers while they’re in line. We’re able to offer better customer service by leveraging the Wi-Fi capability we have in place.”

The business plans to use the Wi-Fi network to allow customers to order cakes in-store and connect over video with a designer at the Lackawanna factory to discuss design details. The goal is to make purchasing as simple as possible for customers.

A New Era in Business Communications

Avaya IP Office has been deployed at all six of the Carlo’s Bakery locations, supporting 98 communications end points and providing a centralized voicemail system. This midmarket solution offers real-time collaboration and unified communications features for businesses, scaling up to 2,000 employees. Expansion capacity was an important consideration for Carlo’s Bakery. By the end of 2015, Carlo’s Bakery expects to have 15 locations, all of which will be integrated into the IP Office platform seamlessly and without the need for major upgrades to the core Avaya infrastructure. Avaya’s IP Office Contact Center is enhancing employee productivity and improving the customer experience. The Carlo’s Bakery contact center has an automated attendant with 40 channels at the main location, fifteen call center agents and two supervisors.

“Between the consultations, the national shipping inquiries, and calls about our baking classes, we receive a phenomenal amount of phone calls. The Contact Center has made a world of difference. We’ve significantly improved customer service by reducing wait time and more accurately routing the calls that come in.”

Leo Minervini, CIO, Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery

IP Office™ Contact Center analytics help to identify key call traffic patterns, and flag peak calling times, allowing Carlo’s Bakery IT to better manage the number of people they hire for the contact center, and staff work hours more effectively. The contact center also integrates with, giving agents all relevant background on repeat customers and vendors at the outset of the call, improving the caller’s experience.

On the Road

Appearances, speaking engagements, and events keep Buddy on the road, making mobility a top priority in the Carlo’s Bakery communications solution. The Avaya Flare® Experience, an all-in-one, easy-to-use collaboration application for iPads or Windows devices, lets Carlo’s Bakery employees use their tablets as their primary communications devices, no matter where they are. They can connect over Wi-Fi and have access to all of the applications they would have on their desktops – phone calls, video chats, IM, and even the Avaya geo-presence application.

“Our delivery trucks were already equipped with cell service to support the use of, so it only made sense to piggy back on that and deploy Avaya’s geo-presence application,” says Minervini. “It allows us to track and communicate with every Carlo’s Bakery delivery truck in real time, giving our dispatchers greater control and visibility.”

Outside of the United States, Carlo’s Bakery benefits from the Avaya Flare® Experience by significantly reducing roaming charges. For example, when Buddy was recently in Europe, he was able to connect via Wi-Fi to the Avaya network and, using the Avaya Flare® Experience on his iPad and iPhone devices, communicate with the New Jersey office without the need to access the local cellular network.

“Buddy can be anywhere around the globe on any given day. I’m on the road with Buddy all the time, and I can tell you that the Avaya Flare® Experience lets us to do our jobs from anywhere in the world.”

Adam Bourcier, PR director, Carlo’s Bakery

Increased Face Time

The next addition to the Carlo’s Bakery’s Avaya network will be Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing. This full-featured HD video collaboration solution will let Buddy meet face to face with any employee at any of the Carlo’s Bakery sites. It will also reduce travel for Buddy because he can replace some in-person meetings, such as those with TLC executives, with video meetings.

In addition, Buddy or anyone on the design team will be able use the Scopia video solution for custom cake consultations. The video solution will not only enable a live, face-to-face meeting for the initial consultation, its crisp, clear content sharing capability will allow for design reviews where sketches and models can be shared.

“Avaya has been with us and supported us every step of the way during this period of dramatic growth. There is nothing but growth on the horizon for Carlo’s Bakery, and we couldn’t ask for a better collaboration partner.”

Master Baker Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, Jr., Carlo’s Bakery

Buddy Valastro schuf in 5 Jahren ein 1142% Wachstum bei Carlo’s Bakery's Angestellten.

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Carlo’s Bakery has grown from its single flagship location in Hoboken to six stores and an 80,000 square-foot factory. The number of Carlo’s Bakery employees has increased from 35 in 2009 to over 400. Upgrading the business communications infrastructure to minimize complexity and drive simplicity has been a key success factor in Carlo’s Bakery growth journey.

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