Faye TyleeJune 30, 2020

Women Inspired Network at Avaya

As a leader of a global organization made up of different ethnicities, generations and skill sets, managing human complexity by building bridges and transforming differences into strengths is paramount. 

At Avaya, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) and are committed to continuing to build a workplace where individuality is celebrated, different perspectives are embraced, and everyone’s unique experiences are harnessed to create a culture of engagement, innovation equality and inclusivity.

In my last blog, I described the importance of cultural intelligence (CQ); an essential ingredient to grow as an individual as well as an important element companies need to nurture.  In a world where crossing boundaries is routine, CQ becomes a vitally important aptitude and skill but like all strengths, one that is developed over time with an open mind and a willingness to explore and embrace the experiences of others. Maintaining a collaborative mindset between employees, developing relational qualities such as trust, respect and tolerance, and encouraging the development of CQ, is, in part what motivated us to create Women Inspired Network @ Avaya (WIN@A).

Leadership development is important across the organization, and especially for our female employees. Open communication, building advocacy across the business, personal development opportunities as well as the opportunity to influence business outcomes are just some of the factors, we believe will be critical to our success. Women in leadership is important for me personally, but even more important for our future generations. Having a teenage daughter provides me with that inspiration.

My daughter has an incredible fervour for life. She dreams big and applies herself in whatever way she can to bring those dreams into fruition. As Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast would put it, she wants “more than this provincial life.”  And as her mum, I want her to have that - and so much more.

Developing a strong ability to listen intently to our daughters empowers them to find and use their voice. It also allows them to express themselves freely and fully instead of being interrupted or rescued. When our daughters know they have a parent who will listen without always trying to fix them, they will open up more, learn to trust their voice, express their feelings and communicate effectively both with us and in the world. 

And this is precisely the ethos of our WIN@A community. A safe place where employees can come together to share their experiences freely and fully while learning to trust their own voices and be part of the change they want to see for themselves and future generations.

I see a bright future ahead for WIN@A as a cultural competency engine, fuelling better business intelligence and outcomes. Our members will become thought leaders and their voices, given the opportunity to be heard, will help cultivate business innovation and growth opportunities for all. Follow our achievements with #WINAA on our social channels and through our Culture feature on Avaya.com (coming soon).

Women Inspired Network at Avaya

Faye Tylee

Prior to joining Avaya, Faye had an impressive 16-year career at Wyndham, holding many leadership positions including EVP and VP of HR. She also held HR roles at RS Components and RCI. Faye has extensive experience in strategic HR planning; M&A; international resource planning; new business and geo expansion; and talent engagement, development and retention.

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