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April 06, 2022

Go Beyond Business Standards With This New Innovation Tool

This was written by Sam Fakhoury, Strategic Programs Leader – Avaya Professional Services, Avaya and Mark Gallacher, Senior Strategic Consultant, Avaya

The world is returning to something resembling normal, but there’s no doubt that the pandemic has wrought long-lasting changes in consumer and employee expectations. And on that front, things are never going back to how they used to be. Is your business ready for the future that’s emerging, and the innovation that’s required to meet it?

Today, there is no one-size-fits-all model for how experiences are consumed, and enterprises now realize that their customers and employees expect personalized experiences, wherever they are, and however they’re choosing to interact. The question most businesses now face is how they can keep up with all of this change while keeping in mind that their differentiation rests on providing unforgettably positive experiences.

We recently conducted a benchmarking study with IDG Communications. Only half of the companies surveyed rated themselves as “good” on “cohesive interaction strategies. This included components such as mobile, social listening, expanded service channels, real-time social media engagement, and analytics.

Getting all of this aligned and cohesive is a mindset that’s growing in importance among the most successful businesses.

A monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach will not meet the wide range of needs that your business will have when pursuing that cohesive strategy. The question is: What parts of your business still rely on those old platforms, and how does that affect your ability to take the experiences you deliver to new heights? 

That’s where the Avaya Innovation Maturity Model comes in.

Designed by Avaya consultants, based on thousands of customer interviews, it uses simple-to-answer, pre-defined questions aimed to measure your innovation readiness. And once you’re done, the model benchmarks your results against industry standards, and within days, you’ll have an overview of your innovation readiness, and your business’s ability to achieve its goals.

And following a consultation, a final report delivers easy-to-read, simple, actionable insights, which you can show to your business leaders as evidence of where the gaps are. It also provides recommendations on the best technology routes forward for your goals – whether that’s delivering a full TX strategy, or simply improving experiences at single stages of the customer journey.

So, do you think your organization is up for meeting new employee and customer demands? Do you know where the gaps are? How does your innovation readiness score, and how can you get ahead?

Find out by taking the Avaya Innovation Maturity Model Evaluation today.

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