Diane OttoJuly 19, 2022

Avaya’s Top Takeaways from Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2022

Thousands of business leaders packed Caesars Forum last month for Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas, the world’s largest contact center event series. Companies are standing at the precipice of immeasurable change when it comes to the experiences of their customers and employees, and the contact center plays an indisputably vital role. This year’s event was bigger, better, and more important than ever. From panel sessions to interactive demos, Avaya offered many opportunities for attendees to understand today’s evolving experience landscape and the tools and solutions needed to easily create and deliver personalized experiences to their customers and employees.   


What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Here’s a recap of this year’s event…

Businesses are hungry for solutions that address the changes and challenges caused by COVID and the Great Resignation.

“The realization that new technologies have been fast-tracked to address these pressing needs came to full light at this single conference,” Stuart Beame, one of Avaya’s demo leaders, explained in a post-event interview. “It is now undeniable that smaller, limited technology solutions are not going to be able to scale to meet the experience needs of even the smallest of companies or BPO’s. Much more robust systems that had strong pedigree backgrounds and sound technology have been entering the market this year and have overtaken those quick fix solutions.”

Avaya and its partners such as Toolwire and Journey came to market at this year’s conference to showcase solutions like Spaces Learning and Journey’s new no-code orchestration platform, Elevate. The former is an AI-Powered Learning and Development Solution that allows collaborative learning sessions to take place and be recorded for convenient playback by the learner at their time of need. Sandbox systems training environments, a Netflix-style carousel of self-paced support content, and much more bring employees up to speed faster, more engaged, and ready for production.

The latter is Journey’s latest advancement in its pursuit to help companies accelerate the speed and scope of innovation through blending their voice and digital channels. With Journey Elevate, businesses can utilize their own mobile apps, bots, and websites to engage customers and employees in what were previously voice-only interactions. With its no-code approach and patented cryptography, Journey’s partners and customers can cut the time to develop and deploy down to hours while eliminating typical tradeoffs between CX and security. 

Companies are stumped on how to tie the customer experience and employee experience.

Disjointed customer and employee experiences continue to plague the contact center. Customers are forced to repeat the same information, and agents can’t easily get to the information they need that enhances service. Avaya hosted breakout and panel sessions that explained Total Experience (the intersection of customer experience, employee experience, user experience, and multiexperience) and how it fires on all cylinders to create the best experiences for everyone involved in CX. We also explored how the memories and emotions associated with experiences reinforce customer and employee advocacy.

Paul Lang, Head of Customer Experience Solutions Marketing, moderated a customer panel – Synchronizing the TX Conundrum - where Ali Karim, Manager of Business Engineering at Datamark, and Hunter Croft, CEO at Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC., shared how their organizations balance and embrace delivering a Total Experience to their clients, customers, and employees. “Delivering a Total Experience is key to succeeding in today’s Experience economy to retain and gain market share,” Lang said in a post-event sit-down.

Businesses are curious about Cloud 3.0. and how it’s driving the Experience Economy.

Avaya’s Chief Evangelist, Steve Forcum, led an incredible session that educated on the evolution of cloud, the rise of Cloud 3.0., and how Avaya OneCloud fits into the picture. “The cloud offers a lot of disruptive benefits, but all too often it comes with a cost of disruption in the form of a platform change,” Forcum explained in a post-event interview. “The cloud is no longer a destination but instead a toolkit that can be used to infuse innovation into your organization, on your terms. The Avaya OneCloud Experience Platform delivers on the benefits of Cloud 3.0., empowering transformation without business disruption. It was great getting to share some of the amazing Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) built by the Avaya Experience Builder community. You could see peoples’ wheels turning.” Check out this blog from Forcum for a deeper dive into Cloud 3.0.

On top of all this, Avaya was named a finalist for the “Automation Solution of the Year” award and received an honorable mention.

So many exciting changes are happening in today’s Experience Economy that the contact center must evolve to address. Get in touch with our experts to see how you can more easily enable personalized experiences for your customers and employees. 


Avaya’s Top Takeaways from Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2022

Diane Otto

Diane has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, with the past 10 years focused on customer experience innovations and contact center marketing.  She is responsible for creating and executing end-to-end go-to-market global strategies of Avaya’s contact center offerings specializing in customer and employee experiences, customer journey, AI, and analytics.

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