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May 09, 2022

Accelerating Cloud Workload Migrations: Avaya expands OneCloud Public, Private and Hybrid options on Microsoft Azure

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft, pairing the Avaya OneCloudTM portfolio with Microsoft Azure.

This partnership has been a long time in the making and significantly expands the work we’ve already done as we help our joint customers transform their businesses. Avaya and Microsoft made headlines last summer with Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS, Avaya’s flagship cloud-contact center, and a native Azure application. And we’ve integrated Avaya OneCloud CCaaS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help create more effortless, frictionless customer and employee experiences underpinned by the agility, resiliency, and scale offered through Azure.

This latest announcement takes our partnership to a new level, creating enormous opportunities for Avaya customers who wish to accelerate the move of their contact center infrastructure to the cloud.

The global scale of Azure - available in over 60 countries - means customers can rapidly deploy Avaya OneCloud solutions while still maintaining strict compliance requirements, including data sovereignty and privacy. And they can do this with private, public and hybrid cloud options as best meets their needs.

Why would you want to accelerate these efforts as an Avaya customer? The short answer is to effortlessly infuse new experiences into your existing solutions. If you want to leverage the latest in AI, analytics, or advanced customer experience technology, you need to take advantage of the cloud. And our expanded partnership with Microsoft helps you leverage the cloud technologies you need, without replacing the entire stack.

As an example, we can now make it much easier to empower employees to be more productive while working in new ways (i.e., work from home, or via asynchronous collaboration). And that will in turn help your employees give customers the attention, capabilities, and outcomes they crave in today’s Experience Economy.

And there is more to come: The expanded partnership also includes additional investments by both Avaya and Microsoft that increase technical efforts to bring more of the Avaya OneCloud portfolio, including Avaya OneCloudTM Private, to the Azure platform. 

Finally, this announcement means that Avaya OneCloud solutions will be transactable via the Azure Marketplace, supporting customers in meeting their Microsoft Azure Commit to Consume (MACC) spend commitments. This is a big deal! Investments in Avaya OneCloud can qualify as part of MACC spend commitments.

The combination of Avaya and Microsoft provides our enterprise customers with a secure, scalable and differentiated set of solutions to communicate with customers in creative and meaningful ways and to get back to focusing on what matters most: customer and business outcomes. 

Learn more about Avaya’s expanded partnership with Microsoft.

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