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Toll-Free Text: Let Your Customers’ Thumbs do the Talking

  • Andrew Prokop
  • November 4, 2015 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes to read
  • Technology is a lot like the music business. You can be on top of the charts one day and completely irrelevant the next. The public…
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Text Messaging: The Uncharted Channel

  • Guy Clinch
  • December 11, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read
  • Navigating the seas of customer experience management today might be compared to the challenges of the ancient mariners exploring new territories. Customer expectations, always on…
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Finally! Avaya Messaging Service Brings Texting into the Business World

  • Luke Stangel
  • October 14, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read
  • Everyone knows how popular texting is. Nearly 10 trillion text messages were sent last year. Of all U.S. cellphone owners, 80 percent of them use…
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Push-To-Talk Lives! Where a 90s Technology Fits in Today's Unified Communications Landscape

  • Luke Stangel
  • June 12, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read
  • It's funny how a little danger can bring people together and spark a conversation.Early last week, I was on an American Airlines flight from SFO…