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4 Ways the Cloud Helps Engage Millennials at Work

  • Pat Patterson
  • April 1, 2015 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • What motivates today’s knowledge worker? Recently at the Avaya Engages Silicon Valley event, I had the chance to hear Daniel Pink, author of the New…

Nurturing the European Midmarket

  • Luke Stangel
  • November 10, 2014 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • In many countries across Europe, recovery has been largely attributed to midmarket success. In the UK, for example, throughout the recession the sector bucked the…

What B2B Companies Can Learn from Millennials and How They Work

  • Luke Stangel
  • July 8, 2014 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read
  • I have four teenage children, so as you can imagine, Wi-Fi usage is pretty high in our house. They each have several connected devices and…