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Three Obstacles to Using Skype or Google Hangouts for Business Meetings

  • Luke Stangel
  • March 14, 2014 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • There's no shortage of freemium ways to communicate: Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Facetime, and many many more. But for businesses that are serious about making their…

Profile: Landmark Bank's Vision for Video Conferencing

  • Luke Stangel
  • June 3, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes to read
  • Last June, Landmark Bank CEO Kevin Gibbens sat down with his CIO Brenda Emerson, and gave her an assignment: Get a new video conferencing system.…

Do Collaboration Tools REALLY Boost Workplace Communication?

  • Luke Stangel
  • April 30, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 10 minutes to read
  • Anyone in the working world knows this: Meetings are as hard to kill off as a supervillain in a James Bond film.By Dr. Charles Law,…