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Avaya Chief Public Safety Architect Talks Kari’s Law, Life-Saving Policies

  • Luke Stangel
  • December 10, 2015 | Estimated reading time: 6 minutes to read
  • When Hank Hunt’s nine-year-old granddaughter saw her mother being stabbed in a Texas hotel room, she did exactly what she learned to do in the…

Dark Horse Networking - NG ESInet Critical Infrastructure

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • September 15, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes to read
  • This Avaya CONNECTED Blog is also available as an MP3 Audio File NG 911 is here, but what about the critical infrastructure to support it?…

More than just a phone . . .

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • September 5, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • I was chatting with a customer this week, and while commenting how communications are radically changing, she asked me what my thoughts were on how…

The Consumerization of IT - Round 2

  • Luke Stangel
  • May 13, 2013 | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes to read
  • Last year, we took a look at how the Canadian consumer has been leading the way in driving the technology evolution into social media, broadband…