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How to Prevent Media Gateway Split Registrations

  • John Waber
  • April 18, 2016 | Estimated reading time: 6 minutes to read
  • Back when Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2 was released, I recall reading about this new capability called Split Registration Prevention Feature (SRPF). Although I studied…

Examining Avaya G430 and G450 Media Gateway Recovery

  • John Waber
  • February 26, 2016 | Estimated reading time: 6 minutes to read
  • The G700 Media Gateway (MG) that Avaya introduced circa 2002 was a radical departure from the IPSI-based Port Networks (PN). While the PN was based…

What Activates a Survivable Avaya Communication Manager Server?

  • John Waber
  • February 19, 2016 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • I’ve been teaching Avaya Aura Communication Manager (CM) for about 8 years now. When the topic of CM’s survivability strategy comes up, I like to…

Understanding Avaya Internet Protocol Server Interface Resets

  • John Waber
  • January 28, 2016 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read
  • I cut my teeth on Port Network (PN) outages when I joined Avaya’s Tier-3 backbone support back in 2006. I was assigned to supporting the…