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Create a Tech Career You Love! Join Avaya’s “Women in Tech” Series at ENGAGE 2021

No one has been spared the impacts of COVID-19, but it can be argued that the last year and a half placed the greatest strain on women, work, and family. The pandemic accelerated long-existing challenges for women in the workplace such as having to take unpaid leave to balance personal and professional responsibilities, as well as various impacts to mental health. One in 10 women have had to quit their job due to pandemic-related matters, according to a 2021 report from KFF, and millions have yet to return to work.

In order to attract more women into the world of technology, there needs to be more opportunities for successful women to pass on their experiences. This is a huge focus for Avaya and the IAUG user group, at our 2021 ENGAGE user conference, where we will be featuring a three-day “Women in Tech” program that focuses on the current state of women in technology and how to make it stronger.

Avaya ENGAGE 2021 – taking place December 12-15 in Orlando, Florida – draws attendees across all organizational types (business leaders and decision makers, CXOs, customer care/contact center staff, developers, IT) for four days of inspiration, networking, and innovation to address today’s critical business challenges and create experiences that matter. Here’s an overview of what attendees can expect from the week’s “Women in Tech” series.

Day 1: Women in Tech: Navigating Challenges & Capitalizing on Opportunities – Monday, December 13 from 10:20-11:20 am

Join community leaders for a panel discussion moderated by Janet Schijns, CEO JS Group and Top 10 Influencer in Technology, to hear how women have navigated emerging as a leader and an authentic career path. Some discussion topics will include:

  • Can you really “brand yourself” as a leader? The realities of brand in a social media world.
  • For me to win does someone else have to lose? Bringing others along on your journey.​
  • How do we overcome the mass exodus of women in business caused by the pandemic?​
  • How do you achieve the nirvana “work life integration” that leads to success?​
  • What are the secrets to communicating effectively and getting your point across without alienating others in the room?​
  • What are the keys to navigating career progression while still staying true to your authentic self?​
  • How do women help and hurt other women in their journey to the top?

I spoke with Sheila McGee Smith, Panelist and President & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, L.L.C. who is excited to join the panel saying, “Being a woman in technology means that you have chosen an often-difficult path. Being a man in tech working with women means you sometimes face unique challenges. Join us to learn something new or gain some new insight on how to advocate for yourself, the other women in your workplace, and the women you work with. There will be a message for all in this series of sessions at Avaya Engage this year.”

Day 2: Alone at the Table: A Roadmap to Success in a Male-dominated IndustryTuesday, December 14 from 10:20-11:20 am

How can women take action to excel in the traditionally male-dominated world of technology? This exciting session will be presented by Janet Schijns, senior executive at multiple Fortune 500 companies and renowned go-to market technology expert, who will share with attendees her secrets to navigating their career for maximum gain and minimal personal stress. This will include:

  • The five brutal realities about the tech industry and how to navigate the resultant potholes.
  • Managing unconscious bias present in the industry with the goal of advancing your career.
  • Navigating the “Queen Bee Syndrome” without damaging your career.
  • Creating win-win situations that inspire others to sponsor your leadership journey.
  • Asking for and getting the compensation and rewards you deserve.
  • Creating a winning strategy to take back to your career when you leave to ensure success is in your future.

One lucky attendee will also win a free mentorship session with Janet, so be sure to save your spot!

Day 3: We’re Already Empowered…it’s Just Time to Activate it! – Wednesday, December 15 from 10:20-11:20 am

Living our best-empowered self-starts from within. When we quiet that inner critic, when we tear down obstacles that hold us back, when we bring our whole self…we become unstoppable and find a renewed motivation to keep moving forward. Channel Maven’s Akilah Murrell, Sr. Director, Channel Marketing, will share intentional steps attendee can take to position themselves for purpose by doing what they love, finding the inner strength to keep going, practicing healthy self-reflection habits, and believing positive affirmations. The result? Living your best (not perfect) empowered self! ​

In addition, a panel of channel industry leaders will share their experiences: ​

  • How to identify obstacles that block you from moving forward.​
  • How to listen to the voice of perception.​
  • How to identify your passion.​
  • How to make the inner critic work in your favor.​
  • How to identify that pivotal life-changing moment when you ​activate your empowered self.

Women are invaluable in the world of technology, and significantly strengthen any team. The inclusion of vision and leadership from different perspectives and experiences will only contribute to a richer, more well-rounded industry. Sign up for Avaya ENGAGE 2021, we hope to see you there! Learn more about Avaya’s programs for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Also be sure to check out this blog with advice for the younger generation of tech-enthused women from accomplished female executives across Avaya partners.

Join Avaya’s “Women in Tech” Series at ENGAGE 2021

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