Mike KuchOctober 28, 2021

Avaya ENGAGE in Orlando: Start Here to Compose Your Digital Workplace Journey

Avaya ENGAGE 2021 in Orlando is coming up fast! In many ways, it seems like a lifetime since we were last together in Phoenix for ENGAGE 2020. So much has changed for all of us since then. And there’s no doubt that change will continue.

Yet, not everything has changed.  We’re all looking forward to the value of getting together (safely) to exchange ideas, listen to others’ experiences, gain new perspectives, and generally catch up with what’s going on outside our “bubbles”. Like many, our people were no strangers to distributed teams and video conferencing, even before the pandemic. It has been gratifying to see how the collective Avaya team and our partners have been able to support our customers as they grapple with changing circumstances and fast-emerging new challenges—whether that has been with employee experience or customer experience. Or increasingly, a combination of the two. And the outcomes have been amazing, as our customers put our innovation to work to deliver experiences that in many cases changed the game for their teams, their customers and other audiences, and their organizations. Many heroes have emerged out of this chaos, and many of our customers are among them.

For many working day in and day out in communications, these last months have exposed the rather dangerous rocks that have been lurking just below the waters of their current technology estates. The years of reliability they got from their aging solutions lulled some into an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” way of thinking, even as new technologies and ways of doing business flooded in, in some cases completely displacing the status quo. Everything changed in a matter of days in 2020, and new solutions were adopted at an unprecedented rate. While deployment was necessarily rapid, in many cases, it resulted in incomplete or fragmented solutions. It was a reflex action, not a strategic decision on the digital journey.

Looking Ahead to a New Digital Workplace

So, what’s the best path forward? At Avaya, we believe composability is key to each customer’s journey. To borrow a quote from our friends at Gartner, “Composability means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks.” From our perspective, it’s about giving our customers the tools they need to take their investments into the future, in a way that solves problems on an ongoing basis.

The challenges we now face are emerging ever faster and with greater implications, in ways, the monolithic applications simply can’t respond to. Composability means creating the right building blocks (think of an intelligent set of kids’ building block toys) and then pulling them together to support customer-specific requirements that fit our immediate needs. As those needs change, the building blocks snap apart and can be reassembled, tailored to fit new business needs.

Here’s an example. A customer in the retail industry was finding the shift to simple online retailing too limiting. Their customers wanted guidance and support throughout the design process of putting together a kitchen. Face-to-face consultations were successful in the past, but they simply didn’t work in a world of lockdowns and limited personal interaction. To respond, they bundled our conferencing technology with their design tools to create a real-time customer experience that supported detailed conversations, lots of “what ifs”, and ultimately an experience where the customer could move forward confidently with a purchase.

Of course, every business has its own unique needs.  The beauty of composability is that you can work with Avaya and our partner ecosystem to create the tools that support your unique value proposition and workflows—and adapt your solutions when your needs change. If that sounds like it could help your business, you should join us at Avaya ENGAGE 2021 to learn more.

Experience Innovation in Cloud Communications, Customer Experience, and More

Regardless of where you are in your journey to a digital workplace and collaboration experiences, Avaya ENGAGE will deliver the sessions and discussions that will give you an evolutionary or a revolutionary path forward.

To pick a few examples, you can learn about the new Avaya Aura® platform and how the changes coming will streamline your path to the latest features and support. You can explore how AI is changing the way collaboration works with the Avaya Spaces® platform, improving experiences and productivity through innovation that makes meetings fun and effective. And if you’re interested in public cloud solutions, we’ll explain how Avaya Cloud Office® is benefiting your fellow IAUG members and other organizations around the world.

You’ll also want to experience the enlightening line-up of general sessions where we’ll celebrate our customers’ successes and provide a view to a future of innovation. And make time for enjoying activities including the Avaya Appreciation Kick-off Event—a perfect opportunity to relax and reconnect with industry friends. And you won’t want to miss Avaya’s Playground of Possibilities, where you can see experience-based solutions in action.

Join Us at Avaya ENGAGE, December 12-15

Avaya ENGAGE will deliver a packed lineup that will give you valuable insights and tools to take back to work. It might even help you become a hero in your company.  I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort in just a few weeks. We may bump elbows instead of shaking hands, but I know the conversations will be just as interesting and informative as they’ve always been. See you soon!

Avaya Engage in Orlando: Start Here to Compose Your Digital Workplace Journey

Mike Kuch

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