Paul RelfSeptember 27, 2021

Avaya Spaces Essential Gets a Makeover - And it’s Free!

Avaya Spaces offers video conferencing, collaboration—and much more. Chat, meet share files and updates, manage tasks, and keep current on everything —all made nimbler by powerful AI. Spaces lets you solve every problem faster, and it’s secure, all in the cloud, and all in one platform. It lets you take care of everything planned and unplanned—by always giving you total access to all the tools and people you need to get through your day.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Avaya Spaces leverages Avaya OneCloud CPaaS at its core. Avaya Spaces CPaaS architecture enables customers to extend an already powerful and complete solution to compose communications and collaboration solutions that fit precisely and custom workflows or vertical use cases. Avaya Spaces brings to life the power of composability – with the ability to repurpose the video capability, the chat feature, the tasks and post features, all of the applications in other apps.

For example, Toolwire, a leading designer of AI-powered distance learning platforms, combined experiential learning features with Avaya Spaces WebRTC video and breakout room functionality for an integrated app at Clemson University. The Toolwire solution marries gamification, course authoring, virtual labs, assignments, and grading with an Avaya Spaces virtual classroom for hybrid and online learning. The result is a Netflix-like user experience with centralized access to everything. Assignments, virtual classrooms, class recordings, handouts, labs, student Q&A – these are all in one place greatly improving the effectiveness of instructors and students.

Also, MedicSetu created a virtual outpatient department in seven days, easing the burden on Indian healthcare. This application is accessed directly in a browser with zero downloads. The application dashboard dynamically updates with wait times and details of the doctors currently online. Patient scheduling, registration, and vital statistics are integrated with Avaya WebRTC video, workstream collaboration, and virtual waiting room capabilities. After the test period proving its ability to alleviate demand on hospital resources, the application was expanded nationwide with over 1,000 doctors participating.

See more use cases on Avaya Spaces.

To support more examples like those, we’re excited to announce we have upgraded our Essential License which now includes:

  • Users will be able to host a video conference now! Previously attendees could use it only for audio-only conferencing.
  • Users can invite up to 100 participants. No longer just 50 participants!
  • Host a meeting for 60-minutes! Yes, a whole hour!
  • They will be able to have (2) 60-minute meetings every 24 hours!
  • 4 Active Participants will be shown including the Self-view (5 Total)!
  • Storage of 1 GB for 30 days

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Avaya Spaces Essential Gets a Makeover - And it’s Free!

Paul Relf

Paul Relf is a Digital Transformation Accelerator highly skilled in bringing mobile and cloud solutions to market (B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Private Cloud). As a Senior Director of Product Management at Avaya, he helps customers enhance user experience, increase productivity and improve business performance by leveraging disruptive digital technology. Paul is responsible for Avaya's broad Enterprise UC&C portfolio where he is leading the introduction of cloud-native video / team collaboration services, in addition to enabling customers of all sizes, geographies and verticals to migrate their business communications to cloud.

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