Frank CicconeAugust 17, 2021

Avaya Further Increases its Focus on Healthcare and Enhancing the Patient Experience

According to EY, over the next three years 81% of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem are planning to phase out legacy IT components and accelerate their introduction of new digital technologies for virtual care, like video, web, audio solutions, proactive outreach capabilities; as well as patient services like resource matching, omnichannel solutions; and collaboration, including mobile communications, and automated workflows. They’re looking for the best of the best to help guide them through this journey and create experiences that matter. Avaya is here to give them that they need:

Deliver A More Connected Healthcare Experience

Avaya delivers exceptional solutions to help our healthcare customers meet their unique vertical needs, and we are also hiring top talent to drive our mission and vision for healthcare. On that note, I’m excited to announce the newest member to Avaya’s healthcare leadership crew: Jim Rogers, Senior Director of Healthcare Practice at Avaya.

Those who know me know I’m big on the “why,” and Jim’s got a great one. He has been in the healthcare industry for 26 years, spending 22 of those years as a registered nurse. He started in sleep diagnostics, then moved into critical care nursing. After years of direct patient care, he moved into a leadership role to manage sleep diagnostics and sleep medicine programs, where he impacted approximately 60 to 80 patients per month.

His leadership role expanded from there, where he began managing multiple service lines including cardio-diagnostics, imaging and cancer treatment. As his role and responsibilities grew, so too did the number of patients he interacted with. Within the next few years, he was impacting health outcomes for up to 8,000 patients per month with a focus on creating an amazing engagement experience.

This is when Jim began focusing on things like the contact center, the integration of data, and the end-to-end patient experience. What do we know about a patient, and how do we engage them as they move into new digital channels based on what they want and what information they are sharing? From there his talents took him to a new opportunity in Denver, where he was tasked with creating a patient engagement platform from scratch. It was his job to facilitate the patient journey: the process of getting a patient connected – identifying barriers to care and breaking down departmental siloes – while driving an emotional, empathetic relationship.

Jim’s decades of experience across different medical fields working one-on-one with patients, his technology consulting and leadership background, and his personal passion for disrupting traditional care models makes him the exact kind of person we want on our side as we work to create experiences that matter. When Avaya reached out with the opportunity to look at the market from a different perspective – one that completely transforms the way care is delivered using Avaya OneCloud – he was eager to join the team. We’re just as thrilled to have him join us.

We’re a patient experience, outcome, and engagement provider. Our incredible healthcare leadership team, including Jim, is committed to helping our customers stay ahead of new trends in healthcare and communications, meet the ever-changing needs of their patients, members, and care teams, and deliver a more connected healthcare experience.

Avaya Further Increases its Focus on Healthcare and Enhancing the Patient Experience

Frank Ciccone

Frank is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales at Avaya. Frank succeeds at creating value for his customers by understanding the business outcomes his clients need to achieve and applying technology solutions to help them reach those goals. Frank lives in Scarsdale, NY with his wife and three sons.

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