Faye TyleeJuly 06, 2021

Enabling a Successful Workforce in the Work from Anywhere Age

As businesses begin to move forward in a new era of work, there are still many unknowns. But what’s clear is that the concept of working outside the office is here to stay, as it enables teams to pivot with agility for whatever comes next. And the right strategies and solutions are the keys to success as this modern model of company culture begins to take shape.

The Benefits of Hybrid

According to Prudential’s recent Pulse of the American Worker survey, more than two-thirds of US workers would prefer a hybrid workplace model once the pandemic ends. And half of the remote employees said they would seek a different job if their employer refused to offer remote work options long-term. These statistics should not come as a surprise, and organizations looking to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty should take note. Growing research supports the importance of flexible work options, highlighting significant benefits for many, including reduced stress, cost savings, more time for hobbies and interests, and even better physical health.

Of course, flexible work arrangements don’t just benefit employees; they can also offer measurable value for employers. Over the past year, productivity remained strong as everyone from C-level executives to individual contributors worked from home and the cost savings can be significant. A typical company, according to Global Workplace Analytics, saves around $11,000 per year for every employee who works from home at least some of the time—due to reduced overhead, real estate costs, and transit subsidies. With fewer cars on the road, there’s also a positive environmental impact.

Building a Framework That Supports Flexibility

The pandemic has undeniably proven that we can be successful in a work-from-anywhere environment—ushering in this new age. But it also begs an important question: how can businesses move forward and, more importantly, thrive?

First, it’s about building a framework that includes the right level of training, leadership, and support to manage hybrid teams with differing needs, goals, work styles, personal needs, and more. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. Businesses must build their interpretation of what this framework looks like.

A communication strategy becomes an essential part of every framework, though. During this time of transition, it’s critically important for everyone to understand how their work contributes to broader objectives. By encouraging conversation and focusing on listening, it’s much easier to identify what’s working and what isn’t.  This also helps to nurture an inclusive environment where all employees feel they can thrive and support each other.

What’s Avaya’s Plan?

For us, moving forward isn’t about returning to work or an office. We never stopped working. Instead, it’s about continuing to build a framework that is focused on our guiding principle—people first. By identifying what our employees, customers, and partners need now, we are creating a flexible model that enables us to continue to grow and innovate.

Technology plays an important role in this model, with Avaya Spaces® front and center, supporting our ability to meet, call, message, share files, manage tasks—to collaborate before, during, and after meetings. It’s a truly immersive workstream collaboration platform built for the hybrid work-from-anywhere era, empowering us to meet shifting needs, have meaningful conversations, and transform how we do business. As a result, we continue to increase employee engagement, improve productivity, serve our customers and partners, and create Experiences that Matter.  Read how Quality Resource Management is using remote working offers to increase its talent pool.

Our solutions, including Avaya Spaces, are helping a growing number of organizations successfully navigate the unchartered waters of the new world of work. While there’s plenty more to be revealed in the coming weeks, months, and years, one thing is certain. Facilitating a work-from-anywhere model requires both a framework and the right technology to get the experience right. For those who do, the future looks very bright.

Enabling a Successful Workforce in the Work from Anywhere Age

Faye Tylee

Prior to joining Avaya, Faye had an impressive 16-year career at Wyndham, holding many leadership positions including EVP and VP of HR. She also held HR roles at RS Components and RCI. Faye has extensive experience in strategic HR planning; M&A; international resource planning; new business and geo expansion; and talent engagement, development and retention.

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