Mike ButtsJune 24, 2021

Creating a Company Culture Built on Customer-Centric Collaboration

Be it a global corporation or a smaller local business: if you have employees and customers, you need the right tools to drive the right organizational culture. This culture should infuse customer-centric collaboration throughout your entire organization via an open, integrated experience platform that gives customers and employees exactly what they need when they need it.

Think about the current state of customer and employee experience:

  • The customer journey now goes beyond the contact center, extending across all departments and lines of business. That means every employee across the organization is an extension of customer service, working together to enable an effortless and unified customer journey.
  • The everything customer demands service that is always effortless and intuitive – with full communication options available – that must be fast, easy, and proactive. Meanwhile, the everywhere employee needs tools that can support them how, when, and where they work in a way that works best for them. 

Avaya provides the foundation for this customer-centric culture with Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS.

Through a monthly subscription, employees get the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools they need – calling, video, meetings, messaging, and information sharing – combined with advanced customer service capabilities that make Avaya the global leader in customer experience.

Avaya Cloud Office and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS make it easy for employees to serve customers however customers want to engage, be it voice or digital channels (phone, text, email, web chat, etc.). Organizations can predict needs and proactively engage customers by using customer journey intelligence, and they can also take advantage of intelligent attribute-based routing to ensure customer interactions are always placed with the best resources within the organization – whoever that happens to be, wherever they’re located. 

Because Avaya Cloud Office and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS are public cloud solutions, employees get all of this and more on unified, browser-based, desktops that are easily accessible whether they’re in the office, a branch location or their home office. For those times when your organization is not open for business and employees are not available, advanced self-service automation tools enable customers to get the support they need 24x7.

Here’s how Avaya Cloud Office and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS can you help you create the right organizational culture:

  • Eliminate departmental silos, enabling your organization to act as a single, integrated, aligned business wherever you operate.
  • Infuse customer-centric collaboration throughout the entire organization by making all employees, not just customer service employees, a key piece of customer experience.
  • Empower customer service employees to easily access company subject matter experts, regardless of their job title or location, to help solve customer problems or inquiries in the moment while customers are on the line.
  • Propel customer and employee experience by being able to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ready-to-use business and communication apps such as Google, Salesforce, and Outlook. Enable teams to connect to the tools they are already using to cut out unnecessary workflows and unleash new efficiencies.
  • Empower contact center employees, sales representatives, and others to collaborate on key customer and organizational projects with a single click. Enable your workforce to surface ideas and creatively fill gaps powered by adaptable, contextual, digital communications.
  • Deliver the effortless experience customers expect with a cloud-based contact center that empowers them to interact across their preferred voice and digital channels (web chat, email, text messaging, etc.).
  • Eliminate rigid hierarchies and team structures by reinventing traditional functions and job roles. Use tools that focus less on who owns what and more on the ecosystem employees are contributing to and pulling knowledge from that ecosystem.
  • Give every employee more control over the time, pace, and place of their work, be it in-office or remote.

It’s impossible to reach your employee, customer, and organizational objectives without the right culture – specifically, one that infuses customer-centric collaboration throughout the entire organization. A strong culture will drive strong loyalty and specific performance goals while differentiating you from competitors in the minds of your stakeholders.

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Creating a Company Culture Built on Customer-Centric Collaboration

Mike Butts

Mike has 15 years of contact center experience and more than 25 years of business-to-business marketing experience crafting and executing go-to-market strategies for engineered and technology solutions. At Avaya, Mike focuses on Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, Avaya Workforce Engagement, artificial intelligence and agent desktop solutions.

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