Avaya StaffMarch 30, 2021

Empowerment of Women in Tech: Advice for Future Female Leaders

According to Deloitte, more than 3.5 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) jobs will be needed by 2025. This represents a huge opportunity for Generation Z, which already makes up 25% of today’s workforce. But what about women in this group? Knowing nothing but a world of technology, could these digital natives be more drawn to companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon for job opportunities? As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we see the potential is there:

How can we encourage Gen Z women to pursue a career in tech? We asked several accomplished female executives across our partners at Avaya for their opinions, below.

Advice for a New Generation of Women Entering Technology

“The inclusion of visions from different perspectives will only contribute to the generation of greater creative processes, helping organizations better represent users and understand the consumer by analyzing all the possibilities. We need to encourage more women to get in the field of tech, to get their hands dirty, and to contribute as part of high-performance teams that can help change the world. Women are needed, especially from those in Gen Z with a high-tech upbringing.”

-  Alejandra Gunsche, Regional Marketing Leader, Belltech

“The way we work and contribute to a company has changed in recent decades. Our responsibility as leaders is to inspire our people to develop their talents and balance them with their personal decisions and goals. Having a team with different skills, abilities and perspectives always helps. For the new generation of women in tech, I say this: maintain the passion and motivation for what you do, adapt as quickly as possible to changes, and do not take things personally. I know how difficult this can be (after so many years I still find this challenging), but in a male-dominated industry it certainly makes your life easier.”

- Dafne Meymar, Director, RT4

“It is more important than ever to empower women in the tech world, and there is now greater opportunity with the pandemic-driven shift to work-from-anywhere environments. As a remote worker for many years, I see how this shift can help women across the spectrum - from moms needing to find a balance between working and caring for children to a new generation of 20-somethings looking for greater lifestyle freedom. If you like technology, you are in the best industry to learn about the latest innovations and begin a dynamic and rewarding career. Go for it and don’t look back.”

- Valeria Fachetti, Marketing Leader, Verint Latin America

“A combination of fresh thinking and experience is the most powerful ammunition an organization can have in its arsenal to beat the competition. As women, we bring an array of essential qualities to the workplace. We are empathic listeners who value collaboration and teamwork while also acting as experts at building relationships, encouraging others to achieve their maximum potential. We show initiative, take risks, and challenge ourselves to do better. We are eager to learn, adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and embrace new opportunities. For women looking to get into tech - especially for the younger women - remember that our experiences are worthy and legitimate, regardless of how long we have been alive or what we have done. Our diversity and difference deserve to be reflected and represented, so develop your voice and own it.”

- Jamie Wood, Executive VP, Avatel Technologies

“I believe women offer an incredibly unique position in technology. Our greatest strengths - communication, in particular - enable us to articulate the benefits of technology and digitization unlike that of our male counterparts. My greatest piece of advice for future women in tech would be this: seek a mentor. Find someone who sees in you your greatest strengths, even (and especially) if you don’t see them yourself. This person should be someone you admire who has done, or is currently doing, what you aspire to do. In the male-dominated industry of technology, having a female mentor to guide you is imperative. And remember to give back. At some point in your career, you’ll be read to start mentoring another woman who now looks up to you. It’s a fulfilling and enriching experience that you will never regret.”

- Jeanette M. Towne, Executive Director, Synectic Technologies

Diversity is critical in technology. For customers, it provides better value by enabling organizations to deliver better products and services that take everyone into consideration - not just one section of society. For employers, it means revenue increases (research  confirms that companies are more profitable when they have more women in the C-suite). And for women, there will be greater female role models that will hopefully encourage future generations to pursue their passions in technology.