Oliver BengtssonJanuary 12, 2021

2020 Made Business Communications Complicated. Here's How to Simplify Them in 2021.

Communications solutions anchored by on-premises PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) were set adrift in 2020 due to COVID-19. Especially hard-hit were small businesses whose employees could no longer be in a specific place to answer their business lines after shelter-in-place orders. Inbound calls to the main business number had to be re-routed to reach the right employees, especially for sales and support. Teams grew more dependent on different solutions for video calling, web meetings, and team messaging, making for a sprawling set of different communications apps on different devices.

Many companies piecemealed an approach for communicating during the crisis, but there’s a better solution for the long-haul. Here’s how our all-in-one cloud communications solution, Avaya Cloud Office, elevates communications in a new world of work while keeping things simple for IT admins:

  • Reduce hardware and server maintenance costs
  • Simplify system management
  • Eliminate hidden expenses
  • Spend time on what matters
  • Get industry-leading support, security, resiliency, and analytics

Reduce hardware and server maintenance costs:

As a public cloud solution, Avaya keeps everything updated and secure with the latest releases and features so you don’t need to lift a finger. Updates happen automatically once per quarter, bringing with them innovations and values, and are included at no additional charge. Your employees will have everything they need to work effectively, while the hard part of managing the communications solution is done for you. Avaya Cloud Office gives you top-notch, enterprise-grade cloud communications features with expert level solution support as part of the package. The Art Institutes, a system of private schools throughout the United States, selected Avaya Cloud Office to support nearly 700 users across its eight campuses. With a five-year agreement, Avaya is supporting multi-location requirements with increased flexibility, functionality, and centralized operations.

Simplify system management:

Use the Avaya Cloud Office administrative interface anywhere, anytime from any device to view information, make changes, and analyze communications performance.  Easily manage company information and office numbers, set up an auto-receptionist (create custom call flows that direct calls to the right place based on user input), track billing, general usage, and credits, and get flexible role and permissions for ensuring communications remain secure and available when you need them.

Eliminate hidden expenses:

IT admins are aware of the usual suspects that affect OPEX budgets like carrier costs and system upgrade costs, but there are “unusual suspects” that eat up that, if eliminated, vastly free up budget. Consider how much you spend every month or year on different team collaboration apps like Zoom or WebEx. What are you spending on network services or data centers? How hard is it for you to get extra compute or data storage? Collecting all these costs and comparing them to what’s included with Avaya Cloud Office can create a compelling ROI story that your C-suite wants to hear. Avaya Cloud Office eliminates costs of duplicative and standalone services, personnel training for maintenance, and more. It’s one complete system at one low, monthly price with one single, simple bill. Connex, one of Avaya’s largest Canadian partners is using Avaya Cloud Office for their unified communications and collaboration requirements.  They operate across North America, servicing approximately 150,000 users for more than 75,000 agents. 

Spend time on what matters:

Put high-value IT employees on high-value in-house projects that create better customer and business outcomes. Avaya Cloud Office significantly reduces costs and frees up the time of an organization’s IT department. This allows meaningful focus to be put on projects that can create innovation and move the needle, instead of being drained on maintaining a system without gaining incremental benefit. ABM, an international technical professional services firm based in Australia, expanded an initial Avaya Cloud Office deployment, adding users and new features based on the solution’s ability to support their mobile workforce and technology roadmap.

Get industry-leading support, security, resiliency, and analytics:

Not only is security included as part of the package, but it is enhanced as security standards increase and become more stringent (again, all of this is done without you having to lift a finger). Also, Avaya Cloud Office stands firmly by its 5 9’s reliable SLA performance, something other vendors shy away from. This is a huge differentiator and competitive strength. Avaya Cloud Office also provides built-in analytics that enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your business’ communications, regardless of where business is being conducted. Review call specifics and user environments during interactions to make improvements from both a quality and service perspective - anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Choosing the cloud has never been easier or more cost-effective. Learn more about Avaya Cloud Office for your business or organization.


2020 Made Business Communications Complicated. Here's How to Simplify Them in 2021.

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Avaya Solutions Marketing team, focused on Avaya OneCloud  CPaaS and UCaaS . 

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