Natalie KeightleyNovember 09, 2020

Envisioning the Future of the Cloud Multiexperience

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly forced businesses to adapt to new ways of working, collaborating, and communicating. Given the unprecedented and immediate nature of the lockdown, organizations needed to quickly find a solution that could accelerate the roll-out of remote working and ensure a consistent collaboration experience, regardless of where their employees were located or what the device they were using.

Cloud Communication Trends

With its flexibility and agility, cloud-based communications platforms have proven to be been a key enabler of this; allowing organizations to seamlessly migrate their workloads and enable employees to stay productive in the new work-from-anywhere environment. The cloud has proven to be such an effective enabler of remote working that Gartner predicts that spending on cloud-based telephony and conferencing will grow by 8.9% and 24.3% respectively. 

As a result of these trends, the question now is not a matter of “which cloud?” to go for. It is already a given that businesses will move to the cloud – rather, the question is “what do businesses want to achieve in the cloud?” and how they are going to get there. 

Which Cloud Path to Take?

Though the path to the cloud is paved with good intentions (and has this year been driven by necessity), many leaders struggle with working out their change and transformation roadmap. Those with large contact centers are also stuck trying to establish how exactly they will enable and empower their agents throughout a transition to the cloud. While others are limited in their ability to drive differentiated outcomes with cloud-based technology, simply due to a lack of understanding and concrete decision-making.

At the virtual Call & Contact Centre Expo on November 10 and 11, I’ll be discussing how business leaders can tackle all of these challenges and more. With my colleagues, we’ll be sharing some key factors organizations need to consider when moving to the cloud, and how to set cloud strategies that align with business priorities. 

We’ll also look at how CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) can accelerate digital transformation. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating a distributed workforce model, CPaaS has emerged as a powerful way for agents to quickly address urgent customer service needs, no matter where they are. If your CPaaS solutions are agile, flexible, and can quickly and seamlessly direct your employees to the right information and experts (in turn leading to more satisfied and productive agents), you can truly deliver a more personalized and memorable customer experience.

With our team laying down the foundations of a cloud-driven communications strategy, the Call & Contact Centre Expo is the perfect time to look at the future of the customer experience center with Avaya.

Be sure to come to join us – we look forward to virtually meeting you at the Call & Contact Centre Expo!

Envisioning the Future of the Cloud Multiexperience

Natalie Keightley

Natalie Keightley, Contact Center Product Marketing Lead at Avaya, supports Avaya Healthcare and Customer Engagement Solutions, focusing on customer experience as part of an organization's digital transformation.

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