Avaya StaffOctober 21, 2020

“Finally. I found my match!”

This blog was written by Sara Noureldin, Academy Associate, Madrid, Spain.

Being a comb-shaped person driven by challenge, I was swiping left and right on job listing groups and career sites, looking for that perfect employer that encourages creativity and collaboration within multi-expertise teams across different domains and business regions. Avaya was my best match in every way possible!

I’ve joined Avaya through the Technical Sales Academy; an onboarding program that grants you transdisciplinary knowledge in pre-sales processes, service-oriented activities that shines a spotlight on customer experience, project management and much more. The learning program was designed to help associates from across the world to rapidly absorb knowledge on Avaya’s cutting-edge Contact Center solutions and Unified Communications, in addition to a tremendous focus on cloud solutions. This makes the academy a huge opportunity for those coming from different career backgrounds or fresh graduates with a passion for innovative technology.

Once that learning segment was completed, the fun part really began; we went through months of hands-on training focusing on complex specialist tasks, taking deeper dives into Avaya’s solutions and demoing it to customers. Basically, we were learning to fly using the navigation tools and resources provided to us during the first segment of the program, ensuring maximum learning from observing our supervisors in action.

The program also provided excellent mentoring sessions for each associate, because what's better than advice from someone who has been there and done that. I engaged in several one-on-one sessions with my mentor who’s located in Milan, she was a tremendous source of encouragement and support. 

Together with other young professional associates we learnt not to stop pushing boundaries. Now that I am graduating into the role of a software architect, I feel proud of being part of Avaya’s journey of rapidly moving into the other side of innovation, such as  microservices in containerized environments, while still being very sensitive to end-user experience, and user flow in a multiexperience world.

Finally, the thing I liked the most about the academy journey is that you’ll quickly find yourself making friendships across the world, diversity is one of the strengths of teams in Avaya, making it a very enriching experience.