Tvrtko StosicSeptember 29, 2020

Multi-Experience Enablers Part 3: Contact Center and Unified Communications Synergy

The traditional omnichannel approach was centred on channel and/or touchpoint integration. Multi-Experience, on the other hand, focuses on the delivery of a desired experience by bringing together all the necessary experience enablers at every point in a customer journey. Touchpoints and channels are just ‘infrastructure’ in the background and customers need to be able to move seamlessly between them, or operate across multiple channels or touchpoints simultaneously, without even thinking about it.

Through a synergy between contact center (CC) and unified communication (UC) technologies, Avaya enables companies to achieve this important multi-experience goal. Avaya solutions remove friction from customer journeys and allow the completion of end-to-end processes at the point of contact, all entirely in digital space.

Let's consider the following use case, which illustrates the point:


As we can see, CC-UC synergy eliminates the most common reasons for broken customer journeys:

  • Disintegration between different corporate departments: In this case, these are contact center, branch experts and private bankers.
  • Inability to complete end-to-end processes digitally: This causes situations where a customer starts something on the web, or with a contact center, but then needs to visit the branch – or vice versa.

In our illustration, a synergy between different communication and collaboration technologies enabled the customer to complete multiple requests at the point of contact, with minimal effort. In doing so, the customer successively or simultaneously used different touchpoints – web, chat bot, contact center agent, branch expert and personal banker. The involving of, and swapping between, different touchpoints is seamless and transparent for the customer, whose journey is not hampered by friction. There’s no need to make a call to somebody else, wait for information or a process, visit a physical branch or encounter any other barrier.

Synergy between CC and UC technologies represents a critical component that reduces customer effort and blurs the lines between channels and touchpoints. This in turn enables organisations to focus entirely on the experience of their customers. This is the true meaning, and very essence, of multi-experience.

Contact Center and Unified Communications Synergy

Tvrtko Stosic

Tvrtko Stosic is a Consultant in Avaya’s international specialists group and is based in Europe,  where he helps companies take advantage of advanced technologies to improve their business processes and achieve better CX outcomes. To do this, he draws on deep knowledge of trends and best practices in the customer care and engagement industry, as well as his expertise in the telecoms, finance, utilities and retail sectors. Tvrtko is passionate about contact centers, digital transformation, customer care, customer experience and engagement, workforce optimization, communications analytics and artificial intelligence.

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