Jenifer BondAugust 11, 2020

Experts Share How to Create an Effective Contact Tracing Program as the World Begins to Reopen

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Now more than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare agencies, local and national governments, higher educational institutions, and large corporations are working to navigate the challenges of safely reopening to protect citizens, students, and employees. Contact Tracing - the process of identifying people who have an infectious disease and those they have come into contact with and then working with each group to interrupt the ongoing spread - is an essential part of a successful, multi-pronged response approach. Among approximately 80% of public and private organizations planning to reopen with a safe return, 25% are implementing some sort of Contact Tracing program or plan.

Contact Tracing is critical as different states and localities follow their reopening timelines, yet the sheer numbers alone have put Contact Tracing programs behind the eight ball. How can we all work together to implement a successful process for Contact Tracing as the world returns to normalcy? Avaya’s latest Contact Tracing Virtual Leadership Forum brought together experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), United States of Care and more to discuss resources and technologies for acting quickly and effectively to ensure public safety.

Key highlights include:

  • The critical role of automation for accelerating data analytics and patient/contact outreach (i.e. filling gaps in Contact Tracing workforces, alleviating agents overwhelmed by calls)
  • How to effectively manage Contact Tracing operations while helping agents deliver a calming, informative interaction
  • What “going back” looks like, including pandemic-driven contact center trends we can expect to see (i.e. the remote workforce, adoption of speech analytics, rise and proof point of cloud, moving towards digital touchpoints and interaction types)
  • 10+ ways companies and contact centers can return to the office safely
  • 7 action steps employers can take to prepare for possible cases in the workplace
  • Contact Tracing hiring and training practices across different local and state health departments 
  • Specific measures for collecting and sharing relevant data to create effective analytics and counter measures (i.e. identifying trends in tracer-citizen conversations, capturing and evaluating interactions to ensure protocols and level of care)
  • The unique role of the private sector in improving the process of Contact Tracing (i.e. responsibly following recommendations for social distancing and mask-wearing, being well coordinated with public health departments in terms of data analytics)
  • How Contact Tracing can be used by K12 and higher education to notify parents of exposure in the classroom
  • How local businesses can create an effective Contact Tracing toolkit

The forum also shared resources on the CDC’s website for developing Contact Tracing plans, including suggested activities for use by local and state health departments. There is also a fact sheet that outlines different digital Contact Tracing tools for COVID-19 by primary purpose and user (the CDC does not endorse any of these tools but rather provides them as way to help inform decision-making).

Contact Tracing is a powerful tool that allows healthcare agencies, local and national governments, higher educational institutions, and large corporations to effectively manage, contain, and mitigate risk around the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. Avaya can help you deploy your Contact Tracing solution within days – either as an over-the-top application or with the Avaya software you may already have in place. Click here to connect with an Avaya expert, and here to watch the replay of the Contact Tracing Virtual Leadership forum.


Jenifer Bond

Jenifer is the Area Sales Leader, US SLED (State, local and education government agencies) at Avaya. She is an accomplished, high energy sales leader with over 20 years of proven success. Jenifer has been consistently recognized for exceeding sales goals with a customer centric approach. She has a passion for building high performance sales teams.   

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