Simon HarrisonAugust 07, 2020

Introducing Avaya OneCloud

The few short months I have been at Avaya have been an amazing journey and I am so proud of the critical work of the Avaya team in supporting our customers and communities during the pandemic. But that’s just what we do; customers turn to Avaya because of the strength of our brand and the experience we have in supporting environments and transformations of all shapes and sizes, in good times and challenging ones, all over the world. In fact, everyday millions of experiences are delivered by Avaya.

Throughout this time, Avaya has led the industry in connecting people, and things, in ways that offer more immersive, more productive and more memorable experiences.…and by memorable, I mean feel-good experiences. That’s the key; by offering technology that enables discretional effort and better outcomes, we ensure we can provide experiences that really matter to people.

Along with that comes the work we’ve done in maturing our cloud-based portfolio, putting Avaya ahead of the game in terms of the convergence between public and private clouds, powered by mega vendors offering single tenanted public cloud and automation delivering private cloud deployments in hours. As importantly, the branding architecture for Avaya’s portfolio of solutions, Avaya OneCloud, has continued to evolve at the same time, which I am excited to share with you.

Here is how every organization can take advantage of the benefits of cloud and why Avaya OneCloud is the cornerstone of the Avaya brand:

Avaya OneCloudTM is built entirely on the principle that Avaya is a progressive innovator with the ability to continuously shape and mold our technologies to meet the needs of our customers.

Because Avaya offers a range of operational, consumption and commercial models, the entire portfolio can be deployed in the cloud in some way, including subscription and managed services, as well as Avaya’s private and public cloud offers. Avaya OneCloud is less of what we provide, and more of who we are.

The main priority for Avaya is helping organizations deliver against their specific needs and achieve their ambitions for exceptional experiences and outcomes.

By simplifying our portfolio and recognizing products and services in the portfolio and ecosystem, we provide building blocks to define and deliver the right solution for an organization. Customers tell us that they don’t want tactical features. They want solutions to real problems and burning ambitions and so we’re making sure solutions are personalized to suit the needs of the existing environments, often comprised of many different platforms, applications and other ecosystems. Avaya delivers the technology to fit the existing environment as well as the future design and requirements.

As a multi-cloud ecosystem, Avaya OneCloud helps to combine the benefits of the Avaya portfolio together with those of our partners and leading cloud platforms.

This represents how we are uniquely positioned to address an organization’s requirements around both the Customer Experience Center and the Digital Workplace, helping customers deliver tangible business outcomes however they need them.

Avaya OneCloud offers extensive capabilities to support organizations of all sizes, across three solution areas.

All deployable as Subscription, Managed Services, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid models:

  • Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Contact Center as-a-service powers organizations’ customer experience centers by providing customer and workforce engagement solutions to connect and orchestrate all the touchpoints across the customer journey--including voice, video, chat, messaging, and social--while leveraging the power of AI, insights, knowledge and resources from across the organization. This enables them to deliver not only the right customer experience but also the right employee experience for those supporting the customer journeys and outcomes.

  • Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

Unified Communications as-a-service provides communication and team collaboration capabilities fit for today’s digital workplace. Employees and teams can meet, collaborate, and communicate naturally and easily without boundaries, time limitations or physical constraints.

  • Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Communications Platform as-a-service provides a development environment that enables organizations to communications-enable any workflow or application easily and quickly, to enable real-time, seamless communication, tailored to the organization’s specific needs.

Avaya also offers a full portfolio of devices including handsets, video conferencing units and headsets to meet the needs of every type of worker across the organization. And it’s all underpinned by an extensive, global, world class service portfolio, delivered by Avaya and our extensive partner ecosystem.

But deeper than the portfolio and its solutions, let me share the principles of the Avaya OneCloud solution.

Avaya OneCloud is powered by automation to deliver these extensive and advanced built-to-specification capabilities within hours. It also encompasses three key solution principles:

  • Speed-to-value, packaged apps, to bring together what organizations need, how and when they need it.
  • Extensible technology partnerships, with leaders in their own markets. This ecosystem is enabled through the Collaboration Exchange on Avaya OneCloud supporting technology partnership-based innovation, with market leaders.
  • Innovation at the edge, providing organizations complete freedom in an API economy. Because Avaya OneCloud incorporates CPaaS, we can help organizations develop bespoke solutions and constantly evolve to support the latest technology advances, market trends and best practices.

I invite you to read the press release and  view customer stories to see how Avaya OneCloud is delivering experiences that matter worldwide every day. We are confident that Avaya can deliver the most comprehensive, powerful cloud portfolio in the market, and Avaya OneCloud will deliver that.


Introducing Avaya OneCloud

Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, leading the global marketing function to engage new and existing customers and partners, drive adoption of the company’s software solutions and support Avaya as the leading player in a dynamic digital communications market. 

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