Avaya StaffAugust 05, 2020

Avaya Academy Life

This blog was written by Nadwa Al Khatib, Academy Associate, Dubai.

If stress was a person it would be me, especially when you’re a perfectionist at heart. I thought that graduating from university would release that stress, but starting a job just made it even worse. Working as a business analyst at first at an Engineering company to changing my career to sales and marketing consultant at a Consulting company, was a hectic period. And guess how I was feeling … Well, yes, it was very stressful. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great experience and sometimes you need that stress, and I do like stress, or at least some types of stress. I’ll get to that point later on.

Going back to June 2016, I was required to do an internship from my University, so I did my research on where to apply, and I decided to go out of my comfort zone and apply for an internship abroad. And, that’s what I actually did. I applied to Avaya, and fortunately I got an acceptance almost a week later. And so, I travelled from Lebanon to Dubai for a 3 months internship at Avaya, and that’s where I learned that there are different types of stress. At Avaya, I experienced the really good one. The stress of wanting to learn more, the stress of grabbing an opportunity no matter the cost, and the stress of reaching your goal.

Now, fast forward 3 years later to 2019, I heard Avaya was recruiting academy associates globally, and so I applied without a second thought, and I got accepted. From an Engineering company to consulting and finally to telecommunication, I would tell you … it was worth it. Being an academy associate in Dubai, I was able to attend Gitex 2019, Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, one of the biggest tech expos held in Dubai with 4800 exhibitors from 97+ countries where renowned names in technology and business meet to push the global transformation agenda. I was provided the opportunity to learn the true meaning of sales, as I spent the whole week of Gitex working with my mentors and fellow Avayans, interacting with different customers, experiencing and understanding the different aspects of the business, and actually applying what I learned.  It was also a great opportunity to learn about all Avaya solutions as well as be prepared to explain use cases to customers at any possible time. And that in itself was a challenge I was proud of accomplishing.

From Gitex to Avaya Engage and many other events, I never stopped feeling inspired by what i’ve accomplished so far.

Not only that, but I also got the opportunity to travel to meet different customers, visit contact centers and understand how they operate, and learn about things like forecasting and account planning.

I’ve always loved presenting and I’m doing it here at Avaya, where no matter what, you’re always encouraged to do what “you” believe is an added value.

And if you ask me about the people at Avaya; Well, they’re family. The culture at Avaya has made it feel like home.

From laughter and celebrations, to pulling each other up, to learning from each other and achieving our targets, it has been a unique experience.

For me, Avaya Sales Academy is mainly “pushing you into becoming the best version of who you really are”; first, you learn about the latest technological advancements and how to sell them, to eventually develop your skills through “on the job”, practical experience.

You know, I’ve always asked myself: “what’s the best thing that has ever happened to you as an academy associate at Avaya?”, and my answer would be simple: “It’s the best stress I’ve ever had”.