Avaya StaffAugust 20, 2020

The Avaya Academy: An Experience that Mattered

This blog was written by Melvin Rabadon, Academy Associate, Manila.

Why did you choose Avaya?

Before joining Avaya, I had already entered the corporate world with a full-time job as a CRM Administrator and Oracle CX Cloud Configuration Analyst. I was already pursuing my chosen path in IT doing application support, and programming for almost three years. So, it was a tough career decision that I made in joining Avaya, where I would be engaging in cloud sales. But sales isn’t completely new to me, as I had selling experience with bank credit cards way back before college and I was once a sales support in a call center as a part-time job. At some point, I was pondering that my real calling might really be in sales, where at the same time I could still use my IT skills and undergraduate degree. Subsequently, I learned that Avaya was a technology company that specializes in business communications, a field relating to Networking, which is one of my interests. I’m always open to new possibilities, so when an Avaya recruiter reached me through LinkedIn, I decided to give it a go as the job sounded promising.

The Avaya Academy Program 3.0

After completing a college degree and getting ready to obtain employment, my thought of an ideal corporate job was to undertake a period of intensive training until you’re all set for actual workloads, but I soon learned that it is not what most companies usually do. So, I was truly amazed and grateful to be part of this Academy Program, where Avaya invests in a pool of talent globally believing them to be their next generation of Sales Leaders, Sales Engineers, and Avaya Professionals in a highly dynamic, international environment. This is the third year of Avaya’s Global Academy program.

The Academy Journey

Now that we just one quarter away from graduating the Avaya Academy program, I would say that this is a promising opportunity indeed. One where we were able to meet and interact with senior-level professionals sharing the entire Avaya sales cycle, including the products, services, and the different aspects of Avaya’s business communication industry. They taught us how to manage customer and partner meetings, and; build the relationships necessary to be effective in this business. Also, it’s quite interesting that we’re able to team up virtually with the other Academy Associates across Europe and the AMEA region that makes the journey fun having a strong international network.

The Academy Perks

Avaya is a multinational technology company that has customers in more than 175 countries across the globe, and one effective way of reaching out to our customers is by traveling to their locations as part of doing business. Before the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, travel was a usual part of the job of Avayans working in a sales role, whether to do business with the customer and partners or attend sales training. I am fortunate to have experienced some of those local and international travel opportunities.

Would you recommend the Academy Program?

Avaya is a diverse company that believes in its people, invests in their growth and development. If you’re dynamic, eager to learn, develop, and ready to grow then I would absolutely recommend this Avaya Academy Program.