Scott HanwellJune 20, 2020

Key Criteria for Elevating the Work from Home Experience

COVID-19 gave many businesses no choice but to support an entirely remote workforce, heavily relying on video meeting solutions to do so. Video conferencing apps saw a record 62 million downloads in one week when the pandemic was at peak levels. In the last several months, there has been a 3000% increase in traffic on Avaya Spaces, our cloud-based video meeting and team collaboration solution.

Some workers are increasing their productivity during this shift, but research shows many are struggling with using video meeting tools as part of a collaborative workplace strategy (video/sound quality issues, security concerns, unreliability, difficulty sharing slides and files, etc.). Employees need the right tools to elevate the work from home experience, as well as a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to using those tools - moving away from the idea of “just” video meetings to collaborative workstreams. Avaya is excited to be running a three-part webinar series on how to enable this productivity shift, with part one taking place Tuesday, June 23 at 1 pm EST.

Our webinar series - led by Avaya UCaaS experts with 20+ years’ experience in innovative communications - provides a look at the emerging age of the remote work experience. Topics include:

  • Organizations’ top priorities for improving at-home productivity
  • 5 key criteria for maximizing the digital worker experience   
  • 4 specific ways video meetings are being used post COVID-19
  • The remote work strategies of IT and business decision makers
  • 6 specific ways the right video meeting solution can improve at-home productivity while enhancing customer experience

From EMTs to educational institutions, businesses of all kinds are using video meeting to ensure business continuity and get work done more easily, securely, and efficiently. The right tools are needed to elevate the remote work experience, with a fundamental shift in thinking about how work gets done. Register for part one of the webinar series today to start improving your employees’ work from home experience.

Key Criteria for Elevating the Work from Home Experience

Scott Hanwell

A 25-year veteran of the communications industry, Scott has held positions in finance, pricing, competitive analysis, joint venture management and product marketing across the midmarket and enterprise. He is currently responsible for marketing Avaya's enterprise core Team Engagement solutions.

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