Eric RossmanApril 08, 2020

Avaya and Google Cloud are leveraging AI for rapid response to COVID-19

We’ve been “All In” to help our customers, healthcare providers, schools, non-profits and organizations around the world respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Whether it is free offers of our Avaya Spaces collaboration and video conferencing app, complimentary remote contact center licenses, other free communications and collaboration software, or a COVID-19 hotline to provide quick answers and support for global customers – we continue to work every day to find new ways to help.

Avaya and Google Cloud Working Together

Now we are joining our technology partner, Google Cloud, to help governments, healthcare, non-profits and other organizations provide real-time information to citizens and customers in need of assistance during this pandemic. Building on our joint collaboration to extend AI capabilities in contact centers, Avaya and Google Cloud have come together to provide Avaya AI Virtual Agent-Developed with Google Cloud Contact Center AI to help organizations more effectively manage the unprecedented volume of inbound inquiries they are receiving. Avaya AI Virtual Agent is a rapidly deployable solution that not only helps manage the huge increase in the number of customer inquiries, it also can reduce wait times, provide immediate answers 24-7 to individuals with questions regarding COVID-19, and free up an organization’s live agents to deal with more complex customer interactions.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s industry leading Natural Language Processing and Contact Center AI capabilities for both voice and chat interactions, combined with Avaya’s leadership in leveraging AI to improve customer experience with more personalized, intelligent and insightful interactions, these virtual agent capabilities will enable organizations to respond more effectively to the tremendous strain being placed on their contact centers.

“Avaya is accelerating the ability for its customers to use artificial intelligence to respond to the urgent need for the rapid flow of accurate information. Its partnership with Google Contact Center AI further enables Avaya customers to rapidly automate access to FAQs, statistics, and best practices. These are then made available to the public who can just use their voice to access this information. This is a great example of using technology in an innovative way to help the greater good.” Brent Kelly, President and Principal Analyst at KelCor, Inc.

We are pleased to be joining Google Cloud in this important effort to apply AI and innovative solutions to the complex problems that our customers are facing today. And we know that the work we are doing now will have a tremendous impact not just during this crisis, but can have long-lasting, beneficial impacts that will improve the capabilities of contact centers into the future.

Learn more about how Avaya is helping companies and organizations around the world during the COVID-19 crisis, including complementary solutions and access to the global hotline.

Here is more information on our partnership with Google Cloud.

Avaya and Google Cloud are leveraging AI for rapid response to COVID-19

Eric Rossman

Eric Rossman is the vice president of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Avaya. He has responsibility for the Avaya DevConnect Program, the DevConnect Marketplace and A.I.Connect. In addition, he is responsible for establishing and managing strategic alliances with companies such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and other key technology providers. Prior to joining Avaya, Mr. Rossman has held various sales, marketing, and technology-related positions at Kodak, Lucent Technologies and in the public sector. Mr. Rossman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Engineering and Wharton School with a Master's Degree in Technology Management.

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