Frank CicconeMay 13, 2020

Lasting Impact Requires Tireless Effort

In a 2019 study from Celonis, 45% of executives said they don’t know where to start when developing their digital transformation strategy and 41% believe their transformation has been a waste of time. Over one-third reported spending over $500k on transformation efforts between 2018 and 2019. Among these execs:

  • 82% admitted they don’t look at their internal processes to establish priorities before starting a transformation initiative
  • 62% have set KPIs for their transformation initiative without understanding what’s going wrong in their business first
  • 65% would feel more confident in their transformation strategy if they had better visibility into how their business is being run

Successful digital transformation--using digital technologies to create new (or modify existing) processes to fundamentally change how your business operates and delivers value to customers--isn’t about having the right kind of luck. It’s about taking the time to understand your current organizational state and vision of how to successfully get where you want to go (and understanding what that desired end state is). It’s about coordinating a range of ecosystem-wide initiatives (versus single, siloed efforts) that combine to effectively scale change. Most importantly, it’s about making decisions based on what will create the most value for your diverse stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, shareholders) versus short-term tactical defend activities.

We’re constantly amazed at our customers’ creativity, imagination and innovation leveraging the Avaya platform to drive their transformation plans:

A global provider of blood and plasma supplies and services leveraged our Advanced Solutions team (more on this below) to craft a specialized blueprint of CMS custom reports that identified areas for improvement in potential staffing, call routing, agent behavior and more--with the main goal of improving customer satisfaction and creating better overall experiences.

The State of Mississippi used Avaya to build a cloud-based SMS notification service that could quickly notify citizens of their COVID-19 test results. 

One of the largest hospitals in the southeastern U.S. worked with our team to create a centralized scheduling system that saved costs and streamlined efficiencies without compromising security or the impact of personal interactions and engagement.  

Our Ongoing Transformation Journey

I’m proud to say that Avaya has and continues to stay ahead of change, not just because of the quality of our award-winning technology but in the way we think and act as an organization. It’s why companies have been with us for decades, and why so many have turned to us to partner, plan and execute their transformation initiatives with them - especially during COVID-19 (Read our customer stories and explore our free offerings for affected businesses).

The market constantly reinvents itself, and Avaya has been reinventing itself along with it. We’ve been upping the ante over the last year to accelerate our transformation and provide our customers, partners, employees and shareholders with new capabilities that empower experiences that matter.  Engagement, communication, collaboration and interaction experiences that are truly meaningful. If you attended ENGAGE earlier this year, you heard just how busy we have been with innovating and allowing others to more easily consume that innovation:

  • We’re helping clients realize the impact of technology investments on their desired business outcomes through their ability to support their customers, partners and employees in ways they’ve never even thought of.
  • We’ve built and expanded new partnerships with Google, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Verint, Nuance and more, and we’ve made it easier to buy third-party innovation directly from Avaya or through our business partners.
  • We’re accelerating our cultural change and commitment to continuous learning, our differentiation, and the ability to support both personal and professional growth such as our behavior-led shift to an outcome-led client engagement model.
  • We launched an Advanced Solutions team for delivering a holistic, client-centric consultative approach to business transformation. From large enterprises to SMBs, this team works closely with clients to help them understand, and successfully implement, new technologies to meet their unique and specific needs.
  • We’re offering our partners more profit opportunity than ever. This includes additional new revenue streams and a full starter package to enhance their response to accelerating technology and market changes.
  • We continue to optimize our processes and administration activities to make it easier for our customers and partners to do business with us. Notably, we recently launched a Center of Excellence that will rapidly accelerate complex solution design and engagement.
  • We launched a subscription program that combines software, support and devices under one monthly price for on-premises enterprises to more flexibly add new users and services, stay ahead of business and market changes, and expand competitive opportunities.

Not just anyone can put the pieces together for your business. You need someone who understands the complexity and the reality of the journey. Someone who constantly keeps a finger on the pulse of business and market changes. Someone who will put you first and quickly deliver on what you need. That’s our job at Avaya. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve been doing for the last 20+ years. We’re here to help you skillfully navigate change--be it as part of a long-term transformation plan, during a crisis, or any other major shift that happens down the road.

Lasting Impact Requires Tireless Effort

Frank Ciccone

Frank is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales at Avaya. Frank succeeds at creating value for his customers by understanding the business outcomes his clients need to achieve and applying technology solutions to help them reach those goals. Frank lives in Scarsdale, NY with his wife and three sons.

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