Joey FisterApril 07, 2020

Ensuring the Integrity of Your Communications Infrastructure and Apps

Recent world events remind us of how interconnected we all are. As we focus on each other and our families, we recognize that each of us must do all we can to stay safe and healthy.

But because everything is so connected--and we are so focused on the COVID-19 pandemic--this also opens opportunities for other threats, such as denial of service and other cyberattacks. It is critical to remain vigilant and focused on ensuring the integrity of your infrastructure and applications, so they stay safe and healthy, as well. From an Avaya perspective, we’re here to ensure the success of our customers, and we’re available to assist them 24x7.

Here is a reminder of precautions and steps that our organizations can take to help recover quickly in the event of an attack.

Symptoms to watch for:

  • Slow network performance
  • High CPU utilization of solution elements
  • Inability to access a website or administrative interface

Proactive actions to take:

Act quickly if your enterprise is under attack:

  • Contact your network administrator or ISP, as they will monitor network traffic to confirm if your enterprise is being attacked. Work with them to identify the source, and address by rerouting traffic, or adjusting the firewall or Session Border Controller settings. It is always a possibility that proactive maintenance is being performed within your enterprise.
  • Engage Avaya support in partnership; we’re always available 24x7
  • Communicate status both internally and externally on progress of the go-forward plan, as facts reinforce confidence.

As a leading provider of critical communications and collaboration solutions, we know how important your communications infrastructure and apps are to maintain business continuity. And we’re here to support customers in any way we can. Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Ensuring the Integrity of Your Communications Infrastructure and Apps

Joey Fister

Joey Fister, VP Customer Experience, is responsible for simplification of customer engagement. He excels in driving innovation, continuous improvement, client satisfaction, and operational excellence. Since joining Avaya in2010, Joey has been a driving force in the transformation of Avaya’s ecosystem from a transactional reactive service to an industry-innovative powerhouse.  

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