Jason Lionel QuesadaApril 30, 2020

3 Video Conferencing Benefits and Advantages We Fell in Love With

Years ago, there was a TV game show that tapped into its contestants’ deepest fears – snakes, bugs, heights, you name it – and placed them in situations where they had to come face-to-face with them. In the end, they walked away with a bit of cash, making it worth their while. And while most people aren’t forced to confront their greatest fears during the work day, there is one part of it that seems to strike a chord of fear: video conferencing.

From worrying about how they look on video to public speaking anxiety, people seem to want to “call it in” more often than they wish to hop on a video conference. A Wainhouse Research report found 94% of businesses that use video conferencing say it increases productivity. So it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Though I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t always a video conferencing fan, obviously given our current COVID-19 work-from-home reality, I’ve had to spend more and more time on video conferences to collaborate with colleagues and get things done every day.  I’ve been using Avaya Spaces, and after experiencing the benefits of video conferencing and collaboration done right, I’m now proud to say that I’m a full-fledged advocate. But if you find yourself still a bit shy of declaring your love for this platform, then read on to see the top three reasons our team loves video conferencing and you should too.

Reason 1: Business Video Conferencing Creates Face-to-Face Connections That Matter

The need to collaborate and meet on-the-fly is increasingly common in the workplace. I was working remotely at least three days a week (now it is every day, of course) and I could easily call in to meetings on those days. But there’s something a bit disconnected about collaborating with essential team members over the phone. Facial expressions and body language go a long way in communicating ideas and feelings, and an audio-only experience means you miss out on big cues from your team.

The face-to-face connections I’m able to establish with my teams when we use Avaya Spaces  are critical for establishing strong team rapport. Video conferencing encourages engagement and also foster a community of togetherness.

Reason 2: Finding Focus is Easier

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stolen a moment to daydream or multi-task on a conference call! Yes – my hand is up too. But as I’ve embraced video collaboration, I’ve become more focused in my meetings, because I can see my teams and they can see me.

While some people shy away from video conferencing for this exact reason, it’s more of a selling point to me because it encourages everyone to be as focused as possible to accomplish meeting goals.

Reason 3: Because Real-Time Should Be an Option for Everything

At any given point during the day, I can use a variety of apps to change my home thermostat setting, order household essentials or even send flowers to my wife – all in real-time. And when you’re working with others, ideas can fly fast and furious. So why not share those ideas and follow-up details, in real-time too?

With Avaya Spaces video and collaboration, you can.

Let everyone work and meet the best way they know how with docs, voice and chat all integrated. Video conferencing benefits include tools like document sharing, screen sharing, and meeting scheduling, which all maximize your productivity without bogging you down with excess features.

As I said – I’m a full-fledged video conference meeting fan. And I know I have some fellow ones out there. Feel free to show yourself.

3 Video Conferencing Advantages We Fell in Love With

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