Jim ChiricoMarch 12, 2020

Avaya is Engaging to Address COVID-19

Avaya has been closely monitoring the developments around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We deeply admire the efforts of those working to prevent further spread of the disease, and we share your  concerns as to how this pandemic may affect your company, customers, colleagues, communities and especially your family and friends.  This affects all of us.  

Our top priority continues to be the well-being of our very broad and global group of stakeholders. Therefore, in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be donating our communications and collaboration solutions and expertise free for those who need it most. It’s our goal to help those on the front lines act with confidence during a time of uncertainty, and to ensure businesses everywhere remain protected and productive when travel and connectivity are limited.

Avaya’s Plan of Action

Our Response Team is in full force supporting local, regional and global priorities as they arise. We’ve got boots on the ground working round-the-clock to ensure the utmost protection of all those within the Avaya community.

Avaya’s supply chain is structured to mitigate potential disruptions of any sort and we anticipate no negative impact on our ability to meet customer demands. We of course will provide updates if there are any material changes to our ability to meet your needs.

In alignment with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and other leading authorities, we have taken precautions for Avaya employees globally. We’re sharing advice and up-to-the-minute news surrounding the outbreak as part of our public outreach plans. 

Helping Where We Can

Millions of users around the world depend on our unified communications, collaboration and contact center products. This includes those on the frontlines of coronavirus, such as education institutions and government and non-profit agencies.

Here’s how we’re helping organizations navigate the coronavirus outbreak: 

Connecting via Avaya Spaces

We’re offering our Avaya Spaces collaboration software free with no obligation to education institutions and eligible non-profit organizations worldwide. We know there is an especially immediate need in the education sector as school and university administrators work to ensure student safety while delivering on educational objectives.

  • Education institutions (like Liceo school in Italy, to name one example) are using Avaya Spaces to reliably communicate with parents, students and each other to minimize learning disruption amid school closures. Staff can securely share docs and assign and track coursework regardless of where students or colleagues are located.
  • Avaya Spaces offers support for non-profit organizations responding to the coronavirus outbreak. Online voice and video conferencing can be used for training, status updates and public outreach. Teams can coordinate work and securely meet on the fly--anytime, anywhere using any device.   

The solution is recognized for its ease of implementation and the significant impact it can have on organizational resilience and continuity.

Helping Contact Centers Continue to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

Organizations depend on contact centers that stay up and running to stay engaged with their customers. To support rapidly evolving remote work requirements, we’re offering complementary Avaya remote agent solutions for organizations to alleviate safety concerns without compromising the customer experience.

We’ve been engaged since the early stages of coronavirus with customers in affected regions, ensuring that contact center agents can continue delivering support to their customers in the safest way possible using work-from-home collaboration technologies. Now we are providing special offers of Avaya remote agent solutions for contact centers to enable agents to easily engage using a broad number of digital touchpoints and interaction types to deliver personalized, consistent, and effortless service from the safety of their home.  In fact we’ve already helped transition 150,000 agents globally to remote operations.

We’re doing everything in our power to ensure our contact center clients continue delivering amazing service while they make moves to keep their employees safe in the face of this global health challenge for example:

  • At extremely short notice, Avaya helped the Washington State Department of Health establish an emergency contact center to address questions from the public. Phone lines are currently staffed from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.
  • We also assisted China’s Hainan Airlines in successfully deploying a remote home agent solution, effectively guaranteeing the health of employees while enabling customers to get the best service experience possible.

In closing, I would like to emphasize the passion and energy that our global Avaya team is bringing to bear every day to help those who are dealing with this challenge. We continue to look for ways we can make a difference.

We are more powerful when we empower each other. Working together, we will successfully address this challenge and I am confident we will emerge stronger.

Help is on the Way

Jim Chirico

Jim Chirico is President and Chief Executive Officer of Avaya, Inc., a global leader in digital communications software, services and devices for businesses of all sizes.

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