Davide PetramalaMarch 20, 2020

At Times of Crisis, Avaya CPaaS and Google Cloud Can Provide Calm

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Crises can breed panic. This is manifesting itself through very high call volumes in contact centers around the world, representing every industry. Driven by the coronavirus pandemic, people are seeking information to help them feel some measure of control. As we have seen, healthcare wait times, in particular, are hours (if your call is not dropped). Many hotels and airlines are simply not able to fill calls for information or to make changes, and organizations are turning customers away in droves.

To add to the chaos, organizations are making the difficult decision to have their employees work from home. For many of these groups, there had not previously been protocols or infrastructure in place for remote work. 

People trapped in chaos seek calm. They seek consistency. Avaya CPaaS is equipped to provide both of those essential needs in this time of change and uncertainty. Since the initial days of this crisis, Avaya has been providing organizations with the solutions, services, and tools to deliver real-time engagement with customer and colleagues, and maintain business continuity.

Avaya CPaaS, when combined with Google Cloud, provides answers for contact center professionals across industries as well as the customers they are tasked with assisting. Faster answers for your customers in crisis is an experience that matters. What’s more, resolving your high-volume contact center inquiries faster frees up your staff to focus on higher-priority activity.

Here are four immediate benefits of Avaya CPaaS when combined with Google Cloud:

  1. Get Started In Minutes or Hours, Not Days

While organizations are scrambling to find ways for employees to work remotely, CPaaS has immediate answers. it can be deployed over the top of any platform, deploys immediately with no hardware installation time required, and because it is a cloud-based solution it scales up and down easily.

  1. Give the Most Up-to-Date Information

When it comes to information during a crisis, the last thing customers want is to be passed around from agent to agent only to get outdated information. CPaaS enables agents to provide up-to-the-minute information for simple questions, while allowing more bandwidth for call and chat flow for pressing matters. Intuitive AI allows agents to find the right answer fast which frees them up to help ease more customers minds.

  1. Spread Information Faster and More Broadly

Information is rapidly evolving from hour to hour. CPaaS helps disseminate information to large groups instantly.  Mass event notification services allow Education and Healthcare organizations to send out important ongoing information to large audiences.

  1. Easily Scale Up Hotline Services for High Volume

Cloud hotline service can help front-end any burdened call center and provide critical information 24/7 and route urgent callers to relevant call centers. For example, Avaya recently helped the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Shared Health Manitoba leverage our CPaaS solutions to quickly ramp up their ability to respond to huge increases in call center volume.

In addition, The Avaya global carrier network is turning up toll-free numbers with virtual agent services to answer calls and provide real-time information.

With the uncertainty surrounding the current challenge, our customers benefit from the agile services Avaya can provide to meet their rapidly evolving requirements.  In addition, Avaya’s turnkey use cases leverage Avaya CPaaS and Google Cloud to enable pre-built communications modules that can be deployed in hours, not days or weeks. The key to rapid deployment is using functional modules that Avaya has already created and that are easily ready deploy when you are.

The combination of Avaya and Google cloud usage-based services are agile and deliver true scalability. Because they are cloud based services, they are immediately deployable without any hardware installation, and they can also fit over the top of your existing solution, regardless of platform. When more capacity is required, computing resources already in the cloud are used to handle bursts and to scale up. The Avaya cloud CPaaS team will work with your organization to assist you with turning-up instant solutions to meet your needs during this global crisis.

We can help you optimize our tools to stay engaged with your customers and users. Please contact our team at cpaassales@avayacloud.com or chat with us online.

At Times of Crisis, Avaya CPaaS and Google Cloud Can Provide Calm

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