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Putting CPaaS to Work So You Can Move At Cloud Speed

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Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is getting major attention right now, and for good reason. IDC expects the market to grow from $2 billion in 2017 to $11 billion in 2022, representing a CAGR of nearly 40%. The question isn’t if CPaaS will help your business. It’s how much opportunity you’ll lose out on by not investing.

If you’ve been thinking about using CPaaS (hint: you should be), here’s everything you need to know for wisely doing so…

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers (or anyone, really) to add real-time communications features like voice, video and messaging to virtually any application (i.e. Web, mobile, voice) without needing to build any backend infrastructure. People tend to think of CPaaS as a product, which is problematic because it’s a cloud service. Think of it like Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) focused on delivering communications in the form of digestible application programming interfaces (APIs).

Using these APIs, organizations can easily integrate with companies like Google, IBM, Amazon and Salesforce to deliver unique communication-enabled services. These APIs can be embedded into virtually any application created either internally by your own developers, by someone in a partner community or by your vendor. According to recent research from Apigee, around 85% of the world’s top-performing organizations believe that APIs are crucial to the growth of their company.

In short, CPaaS allows organizations to consume communications services in bits and pieces via APIs as part of their larger digital transformation project or vision.

Why is CPaaS Important?

In the past, it was the norm to reach out to your vendor and have them build a custom service to meet a specific end-user need. This would take a lot of time, money and effort to produce the exact outcome you’re looking for. In today’s business climate, those features could become irrelevant by the time you completed this process.

When looking at the market today, business survival is dependent on agility and diversity. Customers don’t care about how many interaction channels or communications features a business offers, so long as they can use the ones that are best suited for them at the right moment to receive the kind of service they need anywhere, anytime on any device. If you can’t deliver the kind of engagement consumers want, when and where they want it, you’re inevitably going to fall behind.

CPaaS unlocks this power by delivering communications as consumable cloud services that can be embedded anywhere, allowing organizations to maximize the value they deliver in terms of engagement. In short, CPaaS offers a much more agile way to address changing needs surrounding communications, collaboration, customer experience and more. It provides the agility and scalability companies need to stay competitive and relevant in today’s smart, digital world.   

What Can I Do with CPaaS?

Here are three examples of customers using APIs from both Avaya and partners:

  • A national retailer using an Avaya phone system with data housing in Google wanted to be able to better serve its customers via an intelligent assistant solution. What would have been a massive undertaking in years past was made possible in 30 days using our OneCloud solution, which had APIs to invoke calling, text and Web chat, and Google Cloud, which had APIs for AI capabilities like sentiment analysis and speech transcription. By simply stitching the two together through code, we were able to have the use case in production in just one month. 
  • A municipality could create an automated self-service application for citizens to easily pay bills and property taxes. Without having to deploy any infrastructure, city officials were able to write an application layer, invoke data lookup, and allow for self-service interaction by embedding APIs for capabilities like speech recognition, recording, and voice transcription into their Avaya-based voice, text and Web applications. All interactions continued to be logged, and everything remained compliant.
  • A global manufacturer of safety systems for vessels and facilities in the offshore oil and gas, defense, commercial marine, and renewable energy industries, integrated an Avaya Cloud Notification Service (an Avaya OneCloud API) into its applications to provide response and location request to anyone with a mobile phone. The company uses this service for mass notification purposes such as catastrophic weather.

With CPaaS, you’re only limited by your imagination. Using Avaya CPaaS, you can build and integrate:

  • Messaging: build intelligent, reliable messaging apps for a powerful way to engage customers.
  • Voice: one simple API enables you to add voice and calling features to your Web or mobile apps (ex: integrating voice calling within Salesforce for your sales team to better engage prospects and customers)
  • Carrier services: gain valuable insights into the origin of your callers to help you nurture sales leads, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and prevent fraud and spam.

Why Avaya CPaaS?

As a global leader in UC and contact center, we have thousands market leaders in our partner ecosystem including Google, IBM, Salesforce, Verint, eGain, Sabio and more; Avaya CPaaS:

  1. Gives existing customers immediate access to an intelligent cloud network.
  2. Is hybrid-friendly: gain massive value in terms of digital transformation without massive disruption to your core environment. 
  3. Instantly “cloud-ifies”: connectivity to our network makes you instantly “cloud-ified” in terms of burstability, agility and scalability. Never worry about upgrades while simplifying the consumption of advanced communication and collaboration services.

Today’s rate of change demands that businesses move at an unrelenting pace. Make your most informed decision with this CPaaS vendor overview.

Putting CPaaS to Work So You Can Move At Cloud Speed

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