Steve BrockJanuary 09, 2020

Why You Should Trust Avaya Phones To Keep You In The Driver's Seat

I’ve had the good fortune to meet and spend time with several auto racing legends – including a two-time Indianapolis 500 champion and a seven-time NASCAR cup champion. I discovered that their incredible success was the result of having the right team, the right driver, and the right car. It was a blend of teamwork, human performance and technology.  In fact, their strategy often was based on the technology available to them at the time. 

Get Ahead In The Business Communication Race

Your business is currently racing against your competition.  You have worked hard to build the right team and sign the best employees (drivers).   But when was the last time you considered the communication technology they are using every day to compete?  Yes – I’m talking about their desktop phones.  Per this article the desk phone is not going away any time soon! And I’m also talking about the devices they use for group meetings. 

Avaya phones and devices are trusted by the largest companies in the world – including 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Avaya IX™ Devices are designed to put your employees in the “driver’s seat,” and ensure you get the most out of your Unified Communications platform of choice.  And if your team is using Avaya phones designed before 2018, you are missing out on many technological advances. Advances such as wireless capabilities, better audio performance and UI personalization. Capabilities that will accelerate your business such as one touch meeting entry from your calendar, social media communications, AI capabilities, and using your favorite cloud-based applications

The concept of this racing analogy came to me a few days ago when I sat down behind a new Avaya IX™ IP Phone J159 that had been placed on my desk by our top-notch engineering team. I actually felt like I was in the driver’s seat of a finely tuned race car.  I was fully in control of my communications – being able to adjust my desktop to place my favorite features, apps and contacts right where I wanted them. And when I plugged in my Avaya IX™ Headset I knew that I would be treated to the absolute best audio quality and also be protected from long-term acoustic exposure. 

Reliable Business Communication Devices

This is the same experience that has driven companies all over the world – in over 175 countries – to TRUST Avaya for their purpose-built business communication devices. Avaya devices are TRUSTED to increase employee productivity, to serve customers better, and to increase employee engagement.  In fact, recent research indicates that Avaya IX™ phones can:

  • Increase productivity for 46% of workers
  • Improve the health of 36% of workers
  • Improve customer service for 30% of workers
  • Increase job satisfaction for 28% of workers
  • Increase engagement for 25% of workers

And while Avaya phones are very stylish, our customers know they can also count on Avaya devices for reliability and performance – two qualities that never go out of style! 

They also count on Avaya simplicity – both on the desktop and in their huddle rooms and large conference rooms – to ensure their employees get into meetings quickly – with one touch from their calendars. 

And with Avaya Device as a Service, it’s never been easier to upgrade the technology your employees are using to communicate. 

So be sure to take a look at Avaya’s new online devices catalog and then tell your Avaya representative that you are ready to put your employees in the driver’s seat and your business in the winner’s circle with Avaya IX™ devices!

And by the way, I will be presenting Avaya’s devices roadmap along with experts from our Smart Phone Experiences team at Avaya ENGAGE 2020, our annual conference for the world’s largest community of contact center and unified communications users. This year’s event takes place February 2-5 in Phoenix, AZ, and is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Avaya devices.  Register today and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!


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