Mike ButtsDecember 12, 2019

Isn’t It Time to Flip the Script in Your Contact Center?

Too often executive teams view the contact center as an annual costly budget line item.

Perhaps these thoughts permeate executive teams because contact centers have not adequately demonstrated their positive impact to the entire business with a meaningful ROI.

As we move into the year 2020, it’s time to clearly demonstrate the value of contact centers as a business driver and creator of experiences that matter for your brand. 

Where do You Start?

First think about your key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs focusing on average handle times or first call resolution rates are OK but it’s probably not what your executives want to know. Your management team wants KPIs that demonstrate how the contact center is creating long term customer and brand loyalty through new customer acquisition, customer retention, sales revenue, upsell revenue and other metrics that drive business outcomes.  Present your new KPI ideas to your executive team to obtain their “buy-in” or make adjustments using their feedback. The year 2020 is only a few weeks away so start this conversation now.

Step two is creating a seamless customer and employee experience. Every company is different and has different business requirements but orchestrating smart tools with employees can help you make the personal connections that lead to a memorable customer experience. Creating memorable customer experiences is critical to driving customer and brand loyalty.

Something to Think About

A seamless customer experience starts with your website since most customers begin their journey there. When customers have questions, does your web site have a frequently asked questions section that is contextually relevant based on the web page your customer is viewing? And do your agents have access to the very same knowledge base articles? And can you collect customer feedback on web experiences to help you fine tune future customer journeys?

Are you using intelligent chat bots to augment your employees and service processes? Today’s chat bots are more than capable of having long-running customer conversations while retaining context and passing the chat to a live agent when needed. Employing intelligent chat bots can help you free agent time for more challenging customer interactions and speed your customer responsiveness.

Your customers expect speed, accuracy and simplicity with every interaction. Are your employees using a modern desktop that incorporates customer profiles, buying history, customer journey touch points and more into a single screen so agents can anticipate customer needs before they need to say anything? Modern agent desktops such as Avaya IX™ Workspaces are an emerging requirement for contact centers of all sizes and shapes since they can help increase customer responsiveness, agent productivity and enable your employees to personalize each customer interaction.

Are you using Workforce Engagement to help create and measure the overall quality of your customer interactions? Innovative solutions like Avaya IX™ Workforce Engagement can aid you in driving and measuring individual and team performance to help ensure the experience delivered aligns with your company’s customer experience vision and charter.  You can also optimize staffing by making sure employees with the right skills are available to serve customers during peak and non-peak customer intervals.

The reality is that even if you haven’t flipped the script, your customers have. And obviously there are many different strategies you can undertake to achieve your objectives and exceed customer expectations.

The key to get you where you want to be is making sure all your resources are working together - not as a collection of budget line items but as strategic tools in a customer-obsessed culture that are essential to your organization’s future.

Avaya can give your organization the power to simplify and streamline customer interactions from beginning to end. With Avaya, you can make every interaction personalized and optimized, enabling you to create intelligent customer experiences that lead to long term brand loyalty.

Watch this short 2 minute video for additional ideas on how to flip the script in your contact center.

Isn’t Time to Flip the Script in Your Contact Center?

Mike Butts

Mike has 10 years of contact center experience and more than 25 years of business-to-business marketing experience crafting and executing go-to-market strategies for engineered and technology solutions. At Avaya, Mike focuses on Avaya Workforce Optimization, and agent desktop and contact center solutions for midsize businesses.

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