Avaya StaffSeptember 24, 2019

We’re Ready for GITEX 2019, Are You?

The countdown has begun for the 39th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai and we couldn’t be more excited. Every year, top technology leaders come together to share with the world innovations that will change the way we work and live. It’s a must-visit event for key decision-makers working to improve the experiences their organization delivers.

This includes the experiences of both customers and employees. Customers have higher expectations in terms of how they interact with brands, and that makes it critical to ensure employees are enabled to deliver those interactions in an organic, personalized and intuitive way.

This means truly natural connections: customers being able to seamlessly engage and interact and employees being able to effortlessly do their job regardless of channel or tool, so long as everything is fitting for that user in the right moment. And these connections should flow end-to-end: beyond the contact center, to and through the back office, across all departments and lines of business. Every person across the organization should have the level of intelligence and efficiency needed to positively impact the customer journey (i.e. omni-channel visibility, inbound and outbound stats, open data integration, ease of access across any device).  

And of course, all of this should be guided by real-time data insights. Companies need better utilization of resources across the organization—between customer service reps, corporate employees and specialists—to draw these necessary insights. They need to minimize the functional and technology silos that prevent data insights from being harnessed by better integrating communications and collaboration across the board.

It’s these three concepts that enable intelligent experiences for customers and employees:

  • Natural connection
  • Enterprises serve customers, not “just” contact centers
  • Real-time insight, not data, drives right actions  

At GITEX, we’ll be introducing a new collection of contact center and unified communications offers that enable groundbreaking customer and employee experiences for organizations to achieve the outcomes they want and need. These solutions address key challenges organizations combat every day like reducing (with the goal of eliminating) poor customer and employee experience, minimizing poor brand image, and managing high operational costs. Between these new offers we’ll be showcasing, our new partnerships, and exciting new customer signings, we’re extremely excited for the weeks ahead. 

So, come join us, we look forward to seeing you at GITEX 2019!