Avaya StaffJuly 11, 2019

More Than Medicine: Southcoast Health Raises the Bar with Avaya

Southcoast Health proves you don’t have to go far to receive care that goes “above and beyond”. The organization’s exceptional standards—driven by core values of engagement, accountability, support and innovation—are upheld across its multiple locations for establishing trusting partnerships with patients, families, colleagues and communities. As a health delivery system with multiple access points, Southcoast offers an integrated continuum of health services throughout its local regions to ensure comprehensive, quality care. Yet today’s rapid pace of innovation has created new standards to meet. Southcoast needed to stay ahead of new expectations for accessing care and engaging with providers. A critical component here was mobility, yet just as important for Southcoast was the human touch. These kinds of capabilities are critical in today’s smart, digital world for delivering personal, face-to-face care regardless of the physical presence of a patient, family member or medical professional. Enter Avaya. “We have 55 remote locations, three different hospitals, and 450 different healthcare providers as part of our network, and our Avaya communication solutions enable us to provide an optimal combination of human touch supported by smart automation for improved patient experience,” said Tim Rosner, Chief Technology Officer, Southcoast Health. “We’re implementing new technologies in healthcare and place a lot of value in our long-term partnership with Avaya that enables us to move forward successfully in this effort.”


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