Karen HardySeptember 30, 2019

Avaya’s New York Customer Experience Center Is the New Model for Immersive Customer Experiences

Welcome to the Big Apple! We’re excited to be unveiling our new and improved Avaya Customer Experience Center in New York City this fall, and it’s all about you, the customer!

We crafted our experience centers to be an open and collaborative space where you can share your challenges, ideas, and opportunities with us, as well as experience what it would be like to use our latest innovations and partner with us to meet your business needs.

But our global approach to redesigning the CEC (customer experience center) model for Avaya locations worldwide is more than just lofty goals and bright ideas, we’ve completely reinvented and renovated our NY location to present a cutting-edge, immersive customer journey.

Our Approach

When we think about what’s next for businesses, we think about CECs of the future. What they look like, how they should perform, and how to incorporate digital transformation. Avaya wasn’t looking to build for the now, but to build for the future, taking into account evolving customer needs and cutting-edge technology.

Offering Persona-Driven Spaces

Our new CEC model takes into account the different personas that come through our CEC and have a need for our technology, then mapped that to the entire customer journey and its various different touchpoints.

We see our CEC as a connected, universal, sensory experience leveraging a modular platform that can be replicated at Avaya locations globally. Within the platform, our physical spaces/rooms have become more situational so that we can shift the focus and the context around each customer, their industry, and their needs.

The entire journey is constructed around individualized experience and customer stories vs. the previous model of products and features. It’s now all about business outcomes. In order to achieve this, we tailored our physical spaces in the CEC accordingly:

  • Host: A space where all customers are greeted and welcomed into the CEC the moment they enter. It’s warm and inviting and puts customers in the right headspace to start an amazing day.
  • Plays: An adaptable environment that allows for interaction with Avaya smart devices and IoT.
  • Visions: An environment of complete immersion where touch-enabled technology puts customers in the driver’s seat.
  • Connects: A communal dining experience where visitors can further connect or take time to reflect.
  • Empowers: A space for evolving the conversations and fortifying relationships.

The structure enables seamless transition from one space to another depending on the nature of the conversation and one holistic customer journey, rather than multiple journeys or meetings strung together.

Get a sneak peek!

Incorporating Technology & Tools

The first thing we want to do is ‘wow’ our customers. That comes into play in different ways, our beautiful new branding, the welcoming environment and people supporting it, and of course the technology that enhances the on-site experience.

Our persona-driven spaces transform the physical and digital environment of the CEC into a dynamic, user-centric experience by integrating advanced technology such as facial recognition, A.I. virtual reality, augmented reality, mobility, biometrics, IoT devices, BYOD, wearables and more.

The experience begins well before customers even step foot inside of our CEC. Every tool we integrate into our program goes through a rigorous evaluation to make sure it aligns with Avaya core objectives and delivers simple, effective communications and better experiences.

Providing Personalized Environments

CECs need to be agile. No two companies or customers are alike, so the ability to shape the overall experience for each customer and what will resonate with them, was a key goal.

Our Plays and Visions environments are completely immersive by vertical. A curved video wall transforms the room into a visionary prototype of that customer’s industry. Healthcare, transportation, higher education, these are all examples of the types of vertical’s our customers span and at any given moment we can augment the space to reflect that environment: students on a campus, patients within a hospital, commuters travelling.

I mean, these are futuristic, Minority Report types of things we’re offering here at Avaya, and it’s leveraging Bluescape and Avaya  IX Workplace features. Interactive demos and use cases have been built into the space allowing for more hands on learning and experiential development.

Putting It All Together

At the end of the day, the main goal of any of our CECs is to enable you to learn more about Avaya. Our prescriptive formula is to address the current state of your business, work with you to determine the future state, and provide a recommendation on how to migrate from one state to the next using our suite of solutions.

We’re here to show – not tell –So come along, take a bit out of the Big Apple, and experience Avaya at our new location at 1 Penn Plaza, NY, NY this fall!

Avaya New York  Customer Experience Center

Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy, Vice President of Product & Solution Marketing at Avaya, is a 20+ year business communications industry veteran who currently leads marketing for Avaya's market-leading customer engagement and team engagement technologies.

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