Avaya StaffJune 07, 2019

When Customers Text, Everybody Wins

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In an age when many consumers—especially millennials—would rather message than call, and email open rates hover around 30 percent, the ability to reach businesses via text or Facebook Messenger opens a new line of communication.

To enable digital communications between businesses and customers, IMpower Solutions initially tried two cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) solutions. They were not as strong with respect to ‘burstability’—the scale and speed to throttle up as needed.

IMpower Solutions found Avaya OneCloud CPaaS with a development platform and APIs that allow businesses to communication enable any application, workflow or business process. With Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, it’s easy for developers and non-developers to use sophisticated application development capabilities. Plus, Avaya OneCloud CPaaS would enable IMpower Solutions to text-enable its clients’ landlines.

“The Avaya OneCloud CPaaS platform was a natural choice for us because it enabled all the critical messaging capabilities we needed, and allows us to scale up reliably and quickly.”

As messaging only grows in popularity, IMpower Solutions is well positioned for growth and trusts Avaya as a key business partner in its journey. “Avaya has been really responsive in meeting our needs,” Bittan says. “Having OneCloud CPaaS with Avaya in the background ensures that, as we go to bigger and bigger companies, they know we have a reliable backend.”

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