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AI is Travelling to a Hotel Room Near You!

As discussed in a recent blog by David Chavez, research shows that customer communications, predicting customer behavior, and CRM are considered to be among the top three most beneficial AI uses cases by most organizations.  From a vertical industry standpoint, these three use cases strongly align with the hospitality business model. More specifically, the hotel guest room presents a large opportunity to deliver AI services.  To address this opportunity, a platform is required to bridge the required connections between hotel systems and services and the hotel guest.   And this platform must be customizable to suit the specific needs and desires of each property. 

Avaya has just announced a new solution designed to function as this bridge – the Avaya Intelligent Hotel Room Experience.  It is an all-in-one packaged solution designed to put the hotel guest in complete control of their hotel room environment and to provide them with easy access to hotel services – using either a touch screen or their voice for this control.

Avaya’s 2019 State of the Desktop research identifies significant demand for this new experience.  About 50% of business travelers in the US are interested in security controls such as viewing the door camera and locking or unlocking the door from their bedside.  And about the same amount are interested in viewing or requesting hotel services in this manner.  Even more are interested in being able to control items such as the room lighting and temperature from their bedside. 

The hotel room phone has historically been only a cost center.  In fact, with guests now primarily using their mobile phones rather than the hotel room phone, these devices are taking up precious desktop space and the ROI of maintaining these devices is under scrutiny.  Avaya’s new solution enables the in-room real estate dedicated to the room phone to be transformed from a cost center to a revenue generator – by more effectively promoting the services offered by the hotel.

The Avaya Intelligent Hotel Room Experience puts room environmental controls, security systems, and access to hotel services at the fingertips of hotel guests – or they can use their voice!  And since it is integrated into hotel CRM and other systems, it also provides a platform for future Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.  The result is increased customer loyalty and higher revenue per hotel stay.

It is basically a “digital concierge in a box.”  This experience is orderable as a complete package from Avaya – including integration with hotel services and room environmental controls, customization to suit specific hotel needs, and support from Avaya.

In the past, to introduce this type of guest experience to the hotel room, there were many separate points of contact: Communications vendor, Applications vendor, Property management systems, Reservations systems, and other services providers.  Being able to purchase a complete set-up as a package reduces time, costs and many potential headaches. 

The Avaya Intelligent Hotel Room Experience includes all the necessary components:  The device, the application, integration with hotel systems, customized services, and Avaya Support. 

Avaya’s flagship communications device – the Avaya Vantage™, is the portal used to command this guest experience.  It includes an optional camera with shutter, a capacitive 8-inch touch screen, and 800 X 1280 resolution with 24 bits depth.  It can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi and can also serve as an in-room Hot Spot.  It supports Bluetooth 4.1 and is Google Play Store certified to run Android applications.  It can be purchased with a corded or cordless handset, or it can be used with no handset. 

Avaya’s customizable Hospitality Experiences Platform provides a template to deliver hotel brand reinforcement, security controls, messaging to hotel guests, stunning presentation and access to hotel services, easy hotel and external communications, and room environmental controls.  And while today these are static and manually operated services, the expectation is that AI will soon automate most of these functions based on the individual guest’s profile. 

If you are visiting the HITEC conference this week, I encourage you to stop by the Avaya Booth #3332 to see the demonstration of this and all of Avaya’s advanced hotel guest room capabilities.

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