Steve BrockMay 26, 2019

The Rise Of The Machines

AI is Happening Right Now – In the Office, the Conference Room, and Wherever You Do Business

Imagine conferencing with an international client from your office and having everything you say immediately translated into their native language.  Or having your business desk phone sort your communications to keep the most important items in focus.  And how would you like to walk into any conference room, ask a question and immediately receive the answer?  Or perhaps when the conference room recognizes your face it then configures the room collaboration tools with your personal communications preferences – for example, it could set the room User Interface mode to IOS or Android.  Or let’s say you arrive in your hotel room, and the room phone adjusts your room environment just the way you like it, and also serves as a language translator between you and the front desk. 

Some of these experiences are available today.  Some are expectations of the exciting future to come.  But for all of these, NOW is the time to invest in the “machines” that will make these experiences happen. 

Avaya is uniquely delivering the desktop and conferencing devices that enable AI experiences.  Visionary companies are adopting and using Avaya’s latest smart devices to increase their employee productivity and customer satisfaction today and to lay the foundation to support future AI capabilities tomorrow.  The bottom line is that if you are not upgrading your employee desktops and conferencing areas with the latest smart devices, you are being left behind – and risk being left out of the AI-driven employee augmentation era that is just beginning to emerge. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

There are currently 3.1 billion active smartphone devices in the world and we all enjoy the simplicity and power of using these personal “machines” every day to increase our personal productivity and the quality of our lives.  One could even say that we now all have “superpowers” that we didn’t have only 10 years ago.  But harnessing this power only for our personal use doesn’t have to be the end game!

When we use our personal smartphones we are using AI technology.  Up until now, that simplicity and power has been confined to a device primarily designed for portability, not for the business office.  In our homes, we also enjoy smart speakers that connect us with our voice-controlled AI assistants.    

The Avaya Intelligent Xperience (IX) Devices vision is to bring the simplicity and power of the personal smart device experience into the workplace  – with purpose-built devices that combine personal smart device capabilities with high quality collaboration tools to transform communications in the work or home office, the conference room, and for vertical work flows. 

Executing on this vision requires a new perspective.  The communications industry has historically considered business phones and video devices to be “endpoints” – existing only to enable users to access call control features available on a specific UC or video platform.   Avaya believes the business device should instead be viewed as an extension of the capabilities of each worker – each device presents the opportunity to augment the end user experience.  As Frost and Sullivan state in this report: “Avaya’s key value proposition and differentiator, when compared to other vendors in the space, is its laser focus on the end user experience.”  While most business device capabilities are limited to call control features such as “parking” voice calls or recording video conferences, Avaya IX Devices deliver millions of cloud-based applications to the business desktop, to the Huddle Room , and to industry verticals.

The result of this execution is two new portfolios of “machines” that accelerate business performance with higher employee satisfaction and productivity, better customer service, and that are designed to deliver existing as well as future AI capabilities.  One portfolio is designed to transform the business desktop, the other revolutionizes Huddle Rooms.    

The Avaya Vantage™ delivers the personal smartphone experience to the employee desktop (work or home office) – and it does so in a way that makes sense for business.  Like a personal smartphone, employees can personalize their communications experience.  It is Google Play™ Store certified – unique in our industry and providing easy access to millions of available cloud-based applications.   

Avaya Vantage redefines the business phone experience with a new level of simplicity – the same simplicity that we all currently enjoy on our personal smartphones.  When used as part of Avaya IX Workplace, a seamless communications experience is delivered. Every Avaya Vantage model can also support wireless connectivity.  These are a few of the reasons that Avaya Vantage won UC Today’s “best” award for 2018.  Learn more about the business ROI of Avaya Vantage in this report and see why Frost and Sullivan advise UCaaS service providers to add the Avaya Vantage to their cloud UC offerings in this webinar.   

Avaya Vantage is also improving workflows for vertical industries.  This opportunity is significant, and pioneering firms like Knowmail and others are developing exciting new AI and vertical workflow applications that are purpose-built to run on Avaya Vantage. 

In the Huddle Room, the new Avaya IX Collaboration Unit will enable your employees to enjoy AI experiences that matter for business.   The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit is basically a smartphone designed for the Huddle Room.  This device makes everything around it more intelligent – the room display becomes a smart TV, connected audio devices become smart speakers, and the employees using it become more powerful collaborators.   You can personalize the conferencing experience and access, run and share your favorite cloud-based applications – across productivity, AI, video, music streaming, and other categories.  Take a look at these examples of the Sales Pitch Huddle, the Quick Fix Huddle, and the Stakeholders Huddle.  The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit eliminates the “conference room obstacle course” that was uncovered in recent research and dramatized in this video.  Like the Avaya Vantage, the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit also supports wireless connectivity. 

The combination of a music player, a camera, and a touch-screen interface with consumer communications a little over 10 years ago changed our lives.  Now Avaya is evolving this technology to transform our work experience – in our offices, in our conference rooms, and for vertical industry workflows. 

By the way, Avaya’s popular Phone Trade-up program is back!  Receive special discounts on the Avaya Vantage when you trade in your existing (Avaya or Non-Avaya) phones! 

And remember that you can use Avaya Device as a Service and Huddle as a Service offerings to dramatically reduce the up-front cost of upgrading to the Avaya Vantage or the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit. 

So the next time you pull your personal “AI machine” out of your pocket, I hope you will remember that your employees could be enjoying the same freedom and increased productivity of the personal smartphone experience on their desktops and in their group meetings – and I then suggest that you use your personal device to contact your Avaya partner or representative to begin the process of upgrading your business communications experience and building your bridge to the Artificial Intelligent Xperience future!


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