Jim ChiricoMay 28, 2019

Stars shine as we Engage customers in Mexico City

Thousands of Avaya customers, partners and associates are getting ready to shine together in Mexico City. This week we celebrate the 14th anniversary of Avaya ENGAGE Latin America, holding our annual user conference at the Banamex Convention Center on May 30th. Together we’ll connect and explore the future of communications experience and how it’s impacting digital transformation.

Engage will feature keynotes and content experts who will dig deep into discussions of emerging technologies, and how they can drive the digital transformation journey. We’ll share the latest innovations that Avaya and our extensive ecosystem of technology partners can offer. We’ll also have some bonafide stars in the house. Bruce Dickinson–lead vocalist of the legendary heavy-metal band Iron Maiden, and also a commercial aviation pilot, entrepreneur and business speaker—will share his story of transformation from rock star to businessman. Perhaps the greatest Mexican soccer star, and former professional and national team coach, Hugo Sánchez will also join us on stage.

The spotlight will also focus on how our customers are superstars and on how Avaya is helping them deliver engaging customers experiences, increasing their competitiveness and agility, reducing costs and speeding their delivery of digital communications infrastructure.

Clearly, Latin America is a dynamic region and one where Avaya has had a large and growing role in enabling digital transformation. Did you know that by 2022, over 50% of Latin America’s GDP will be digital and that the region’s IT spending will reach $380 Billion? Avaya has 50,000 customers throughout the region and 16,000 customers in Mexico alone, and we are helping many of these businesses map their transformation journeys, and find their own ways to shine.

Organizations throughout the region are looking at how they can apply emerging technologies like AI, and take advantage of the Cloud as part of their customer experience and workforce engagement strategies. These technologies present new ways to meet the expectations of users who have grown up in a digital-first world, and new ways to gain competitive advantage. Avaya continues to invest and lead in leveraging innovation in these key areas to drive improved business outcomes for our customers.

Much has changed since we gathered in Mexico City last year, but what remains constant is our commitment to enabling Experiences that Matter. Delivering incredible experiences has always been the linchpin of our business. Over the past year, we’ve doubled down on our customer-led approach to ensure we stay in lock-step with customer priorities.

I’m excited to visit Mexico this week and to hear more about how we can continue to deliver high impact and value to help businesses in the region shine. I invite you to join Avaya at Engage Latin America.

Avaya Engae Mexico

Jim Chirico

Jim Chirico is President and Chief Executive Officer of Avaya, Inc., a global leader in digital communications software, services and devices for businesses of all sizes.

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