Learn how Marine Rescue Technologies improved the customer experience with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

When the going gets rough, Marine Rescue Technologies can count on Avaya OneCloud

Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) manufactures safety systems for vessels and facilities in the offshore oil and gas, defense, commercial marine and renewable energy industries worldwide. With high-quality man overboard alerts, alarms, locators and retrieval systems—and a commitment to integrity and customer service—the company delivers security and peace of mind for people who work in an unpredictable and demanding environment.

MRT works very closely with each of its customers to develop highly customized solutions. By implementing the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS platform, customers experience has improved significantly.

“Avaya OneCloud CPaaS has improved our ability to respond to customers quickly and with very specialized, specific solutions to meet their needs,” said Michael Ritchie, founder and owner, Marine Rescue Technologies. “MRT is unique because we offer accountability of personnel in the form of muster through our emergency notification system.”

Avaya OneCloud provides a communications platform whereby MRT can offer outbound and inbound notification campaigns and business automation for any vertical market in any language.

“We use it for mass notification purposes such as catastrophic weather. It can also be used during any emergency and has been purchased by state governments and airports,” said Ritchie. “We view Avaya and OneCloud as a valuable part of our business. They’ve delivered what we needed.”

Avaya OneCloud UC and CC solutions are provided through a network of data centers in the United States, Germany and Singapore for availability in 34 countries. With over 3600 cloud customers worldwide, we are expanding our network of global data centers in the coming months to meet the growing needs of customers worldwide.

Find out how Avaya OneCloud has helped Marine Rescue Technologies focus on what they do best: providing life-saving products to their customers.

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