Avaya StaffApril 11, 2019

The Heart and Humanity Behind Digital Transformation

According to ZK Research’s 2019 IT Priorities Study, 90% of companies now have at least one digital initiative underway. As transformation continues to gain momentum, we’re starting to identify main drivers of digital change: enhanced business processes, reduced operational costs, more competitive market positioning. Yet every leader knows that the true mark of digital transformation is not the urge to surpass but serve those around them (can we add here, their customers, employees). That’s the definition of heroism to us at Avaya, and that’s why I feel so strongly about showcasing those companies that are part of our Customer Gallery Program.

I consider it an honor to be able to feature the amazing work these customers are doing. Each has a different story to share in terms of their digital evolution: how they’re improving services, differentiating themselves in their markets, working more collaboratively, and delivering experiences that matter. Yet they all share the common goal of making a lasting impact on their customers, employees, partners, society and future generations.

These companies share a united spirit of mobilizing, breaking barriers and creating change. They are non-profits that use the savings we help create to launch new programs that aid underserved communities. They are hospitals, banks, business process outsourcers, hotels and more all doing better and reaching farther because of the technology and strategic guidance we provide.

These customers understand the importance of modernizing not just as it applies to operational improvements for financial gain but to better lives. These digital leaders have identified a greater “why” behind each action, and we feel it’s our responsibility as their partner to share their incredible stories during a time in which so few companies have a clear transformation vision.

We value and admire all our customers, yet through our unique Customer Gallery Program, we connect with these organizations in a special way. Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes content regarding these companies’ incredible transformation stories, showcasing how they use their voice, mind and digital vision for good. Check back in soon and if you need to reach me contact references@avaya.com  I hope you’ll come along for the journey! You can start by checking out our all-new program here