Faye TyleeApril 09, 2019

Growing Cultural Intelligence Through Experiences

An open letter to Avaya’s first Talent Exchange participants,

In my first blog, I described myself as someone happily consumed by wanderlust. My family believed strongly that we should experience the world outside our hometown. What I didn’t realize was how our cultural intelligence was being strengthened with every new country and region we visited.  Travel is one of the components I recommend to anyone asking for advice on how to become a well-rounded professional, which is why I’m passionate about Avaya’s Talent Exchange program and excited for what you will experience in the coming months.

As our first Talent Exchange ambassadors, our hope is that you’ll gain deeper insights and knowledge of cultures different to your own. This will help strengthen relationships with your colleagues, customers and partners across the globe, and better position you for the next step in your professional journeys. Additionally, we believe this program is one way we can further develop the cultural intelligence needed to stay competitive in today’s global market.

Many of you have recently arrived at your destinations, and others are packing your bags, shopping for necessities, and awaiting your travel dates. We all know the feeling of anticipation ahead of your journey to a new city and office, and I can reassure you that you’ll return home with lasting memories and priceless experiences. Recently, Forbes published an article that explained why both millennials and every other generation are opting out of accumulating stuff and exploring experiences instead. The growth of the experience economy aligns with Avaya’s business of creating experiences that matter for our customers. I hope you’re as proud as I am to be part of an organization today that recognizes the importance of building cultural competence in the workplace. Real cultural intelligence develops over time—it’s ongoing—and the best lessons usually come directly from personal experiences. I hope you enjoy every moment of your new adventure and share your stories and lessons along the way.



Growing cultural intelligence experiences

Faye Tylee

Prior to joining Avaya, Faye had an impressive 16-year career at Wyndham, holding many leadership positions including EVP and VP of HR. She also held HR roles at RS Components and RCI. Faye has extensive experience in strategic HR planning; M&A; international resource planning; new business and geo expansion; and talent engagement, development and retention.

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