Steve BrockMarch 06, 2019

It's Time To Move Your Huddle Rooms To The Cloud

The use of video collaboration solutions can accelerate business performance in many ways.  Of course, there are the obvious impacts in the form of lower travel cost, and the increase in employee productivity from being able to participate in meetings from the office instead of standing in lines at airports.  Decision-making is also accelerated since meetings can be called instantly – with little notice.  And there is the practicality of employees being able to attend meetings virtually even if they aren’t able to participate physically due to weather, sickness or other circumstances.  The bottom line is that video collaboration allows us to move ideas instead of people.

ZK Research identifies additional benefits that extend beyond just a travel alternative.  These include improved learning (200% increase), increased content retention (28% higher), faster decision making (73% more meetings finish on time), faster absorption of information (40% faster), improved persuasiveness (43% more) and increased communications impact (67% higher). 

Despite all of these benefits, businesses have found it challenging to get their employees to use video for team and customer meetings.  Avaya’s research reveals that employees consider the video conference room to be more like an obstacle course rather than a smooth path to collaboration.  About 1 in 3 employees are less likely to use video conferencing because of the poor quality, remote participant accessibility, difficulty in setting up, starting, or entering, and difficulty in sharing information.  About 1 in 4 say also state reliability and complexity of use as deterrents.  Rather than attempt to overcome these obstacles, employees are likely to just use voice – because it is simple to set up and use, it usually works every time, and everyone has access.  The challenges of using traditional video conferencing is captured in this recent video

Fortunately, Avaya has completely redefined the Huddle Room experience.  Whether subscribed to as a service or purchased, the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit 360 is an all-in-one huddle room solution that enables one-click meeting entry.  It can be set up in about 2 minutes and is designed for ease of use.  In fact, setup time and ease of use is comparable to that of a desktop phone. 

This new solution is perfect for Huddle Rooms.  When I talk about huddle rooms, I often use the analogy of transportation. Most video conference rooms are similar to the railways that came about in the early 1800’s.  They were designed to move a lot of people at one time – usually along fairly lengthy journeys.  When the automobile was invented it quickly became popular as a way for smaller groups of people to move along shorter distances.  Today’s meeting dynamics have changed – moving from fewer larger meetings to more frequent smaller meetings.  This is why Huddle Room systems are so popular.  Frost and Sullivan report there are about 32.4M huddle rooms globally and only about 2% of these are video conferencing enabled.  They further project that huddle room meetings will surge from 12% to 70% of all video conference room meetings by 2023. 

But here, the analogy continues, as most huddle room systems, today are very similar to the first automobiles.  They may have been able to move people from point A to point B, but they certainly did not provide all the latest technologies that we now all enjoy in our cars.  Similarly, today’s huddle room systems may use the “cloud” to connect a call, but they don’t deliver other cloud-based applications and capabilities.

Avaya IX Collaboration Unit is a next-generation device that fully integrates with the business UC platform, interoperates with standards-based video infrastructure, and allows the cloud-based applications of choice to be run and shared.  It is the first all-in-one collaboration solution that delivers all the cloud has to offer to the huddle room.  It is also available at a price point that is expected to disrupt existing Huddle Room economics. 

And the introduction of a ‘Huddle as a Service’ monthly subscription option further disrupts the status quo allowing all Huddle Room elements – including the UC service and the room devices –  to be purchased by monthly subscription.   In fact, the monthly price of an Equinox Meeting Online account combined with an Avaya IX Collaboration Unit device subscription is lower than some charge for just connectivity!

Take a look at this example of how Avaya Huddle Room solutions can accelerate team communications. 

Ready to transform your huddle spaces into cloud-enabled collaboration spaces?  Be sure to contact us or your Avaya account representative to get started today!


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