Mike KuchFebruary 19, 2019

Unleash Your Business Potential with Avaya Mobility

This is the third of a four-part series on how to take your business from “communications chaos” to “seamless simplicity.”

On my commute into work today I noticed something interesting. I was walking down a row of light rail transit cars and when I looked inside I saw that everyone was looking at their phone. When I say that, I mean every single person in the rail car was looking at their phone. Now look, I get it. It’s a mobile world. But when you see every person in a large group engaged with a mobility device, it’s a stark reminder of just how much of a mobile world it really has become.

Some interesting research out of Forrester reinforces this message. Forrester has what they call a “Mobile Mind Shift Index” which gauges how ready consumers are to engage with businesses via mobility devices. Here are a couple of stats from that report: “81% of US online adults use smartphones daily or more often, 57% are extremely heavy users of smartphones. More importantly, your older customers also want to use mobile: 40% of US online adults ages 55 to 64 are in the transitional and shifted segments.” By Transitional and Shifted segments, Forrester means, (and I’m paraphrasing here) that they either prefer their mobile device for digital interactions or are headed towards that preference.

Those numbers make sense to me, based on my own experience, and they support research that Avaya commissioned in 2017. It found that 88% of employees spend at least 10% to 50% of their time dependent on mobile devices while at work. That’s a huge number and quantifies how essential mobility is in the workplace. So, people use it, but do they use it effectively?  This video takes another humorous look at our friends Bob and Sheila and, in this case, their search for mobile nirvana. For Sheila, mobility is a seamless component of her overall communications solution. She can move between devices, like her desktop or her smartphone, and she can move between modes, easily shifting from an Instant Message to voice or video or a full-blown collaboration session with multiple parties, all with a touch on her screen. She can be as productive away from her desk as she is when she’s in the office.

If you looked at the previous videos in this series, you’ll know that Bob’s life is not so easy. Different apps, different controls and a different experience on each device brings Bob’s efficiency to a standstill when he’s away from his desk. Its fun to watch, but for many people, its maddeningly close to their daily work realities.

I started this blog commenting on my fellow commuters and their mobile tendencies. Why do they do it? Two reasons, I think. One, they have time on their hands while commuting into the city center. And two, because their devices provide them with an effective experience. Whether catching up on the news, texting with a friend or colleague, plowing through email, or getting on an early morning conference call for work, they are getting the things they want to do, done. With Avaya, you can bring that same “getting things done” to your mobile work experience. If you haven’t tried it, it is time to give it a spin. As I said in last week’s blog, “go ahead and kick the tires. Once you’ve tried unified communications from Avaya, I doubt you’d be prepared to give it back!”

Unleash Your Business Potential with Avaya Mobility

Mike Kuch

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