Avaya StaffFebruary 26, 2019

Digital Transformation Across Industries: Hospitality

As the trend of digital transformation continues to expand globally, organizations must create a clear and compelling transformation vision for long-term success—especially when drilling down into specific verticals. Here, we look specifically at digital transformation in the Hospitality industry.

From Smart Home to Intelligent Hotel: Large-scale Digital Disruption in Hospitality

The era of the smart home is upon us, but how far are we from the era of the “smart” or intelligent hotel? With 66% of guests saying they have a better experience when hotels use the latest technology, industry leaders like Marriott, Hilton and Wynn Las Vegas are racing to launch next-gen offerings including virtual concierges, voice-activated room service, and in-room automation. Brands will increasingly rely on BI analytics (Business Intelligence) AI and IoT-enabled communications platforms for transforming hospitality experiences.

Technology companies and hotel brands are working together to meet the various challenges that come with bringing cutting-edge innovations into the hospitality environment at scale. These challenges must be met because consumers today are comfortable with and now expect smart technology in every experience when they travel just as they do with their devices at home. The rapid advances of the smart home are set to follow consumers to hotels. For example, room temperatures, lighting and entertainment options will be set to their preferences the moment they walk into the lobby and their identities are recognized.

This same sort of verification and identification information can be used to transform check-ins, effectively skipping the process altogether. IoT—beacons, surveillance analytics—can immediately detect a guest’s presence and send a digital key card to their mobile device. Then, using that same intelligence, the hotel could set up the room to meet their exact preferences all before they step through the door.