Steve ForcumFebruary 14, 2019

Avaya <3 Cloud

When you needed help when stranded at the airport due to bad weather, or the time a loved one was rushed to the hospital, or when you got that special feeling purchasing your first home, Avaya was making a positive impact in your life. Getting to your vacation, checking on a loved one, or realizing one of life’s dreams are ways that Avaya solutions connect you to the people and resources that matter.

But we know that just because something works, that does not mean it can’t be improved. Calling into a customer service group can be, with apologies to my dentist friends, more painful than a root canal. First, you must survive the pit of misery, also known as the auto attendant. Then comes the endless journey through the queue, being constantly reminded how important  (or unimportant?) your call is. The oasis you think you’ve reached when you’re finally connected to an agent is merely a mirage because an often overworked soul has to diagnose your problem and hunt for solutions which takes even more time.

What if customer service weren’t so painful?

The challenge does not lie in prescribing the remedy to this problem. Artificial Intelligence solutions from Avaya and our friends at Afiniti, Cogito, and other AIConnect partners can absolutely lower hold times, improve agent efficiency, increase revenues and customer satisfaction. The challenge can be found in marrying these innovations with your business processes. Adding a solution such as AI to your contact center used to require infrastructure upgrades, license additions, and implementation services. The budgeting, evaluation, procurement, implementation and testing cycles could take weeks or months.

This is why Avaya loves Cloud and, to quote Buddy the Elf, we don’t care who knows it.

Frequently the cloud offers a lower total cost of operation compared with legacy solutions. The cloud enables you to turn on, upgrade, downgrade, or turn off users and sites whenever your business needs fluctuate. This financial flexibility is extremely attractive for most businesses.

The cloud also acts as an incredible matchmaker. The “first date” of innovation used to be evaluation and procurement, but with the cloud, these cycles no longer exist. Services are pre-built and ready when you want to test them. In fact, building a proof of concept (POC) takes minutes to days. Once you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level, moving the POC into production can happen almost instantly. Alas, not every relationship is meant to last, so when this solution is no longer a fit for your business, simply turn it off and recover your investment, which can then be applied to the next innovation cycle. The cloud has undeniable benefits for innovation, efficiency, and agility.

This all begs the question…why are only 15% of phone systems deployed in the cloud? (source)

The reason for this disconnect lies in the all-or-nothing approach that cloud-only vendors require. In spite of all of the great things the cloud can offer, the one-size-fits-all guys find themselves all alone at the Valentine’s Day dance because the cost of moving entirely to the cloud is many times outweighed by other business concerns around security, control, and reliability.

Moving your business to the cloud isn’t a jump, it’s a journey, complete with potential traffic jams, detours, and road closures. While many businesses have the same destination in mind, there are various ways to get there. To reach the final destination you need a navigator who can show you different routes and help with the obstacles you encounter along the way. OneCloud from Avaya is the GPS for your journey to the cloud.

With Avaya OneCloud we unite the most flexible cloud platform and options available for any size of business, public, private, hybrid. You can choose where the solution lives, how you want to consume it, and how much, or little, you want to continue to manage and control. With AvayaCloud in a private delivery, we offer ReadyNow solutions with an automated reference architecture to deliver large enterprises with standard sets of UC and CC capabilities, so you can go from proof of concept to production in a matter of weeks. With public cloud of Avaya OneCloud, simply visit our web storefront and in minutes you can use the service with Avaya UC and CC apps to contact your customers. With the Avaya OneCloud hybrid option, augment your on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based services including Avaya SIP Trunking, Avaya Cloud Notification Service, and the amazing Avaya IX Mobility solution which revolutionizes how consumers interact with your business.

Cloud without compromise? That sounds like a match made in heaven.

Want to learn more? Visit, stop by our booth at Enterprise Connect, or contact your local Business Partner to learn what flavor of Avaya Cloud is right for your business.

Avaya loves cloud

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