Mike KuchJanuary 31, 2019

How To Get Your Unified Communications "Flow"

This is the second of a four-part series on how to take your business from “communications chaos” to “seamless simplicity.

As my colleague, Steve Brock, pointed out in part one of this series, “Flow” is a critical part of what we at Avaya create in the world of unified communications. As Steve noted, Flow is “A mental state of operation in which a person engaged in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized, successful focus.” Now, let me be frank. Some of my days flow better than others. We live in a deadline-driven, multi-tasking kind of world and, like many of you, I sometimes find myself a bit stretched, in search of that “feeling of energized, successful focus.” So, I’m not sure I can guarantee 7X24 flow for everyone, but I absolutely find the Avaya tools I use, get me into that zone more often than not.

This video does a good job of highlighting one of the key “Flow-killers” in the modern work world. In the video, we see Bob struggling with a plethora of point solutions, none of which work together, all of which change regularly, and most of which fall short of what he really needs. At Avaya, we think there is a better way: one tool, Avaya Equinox™, becomes what I’ve called my “go-to.” Whether I’m at my desk, or mobile, I get my meetings, directory, call and message logs and I can respond quickly and effectively. I can also take part in immersive experiences that provide me with that energized, successful focus. From my mobile, tablet, desktop, Avaya Vantage™ or any WebRTC enabled browser, I get the same great experience and I can see high-quality video and the content my colleagues want to share with me.

If you haven’t used this type of collaboration, you may be surprised at just how much it changes your day. As I admitted above, I’m a bit of a multi-tasker but Avaya collaboration applications, by enabling more active engagement with colleagues and content, whiteboarding, chat, etc. drive me to focus and that’s a good thing – my meetings are more productive, so I need fewer of them, so I get more done.

I also spend less time thinking about “what’s next” in my day. I can quickly see my schedule, so I know how much open time I have to work on my projects and, if I’m expecting calls or messages from customers or my team, I can see those on the same screen. One-click access into Avaya Spaces lets me find the relevant documents I need, and I can chat or IM with team members—not only allowing me to get my work done but leaving a permanent record of key decisions or comments for others to see.

Most importantly, Avaya Unified Communications works seamlessly in the background which is exactly what I want because it’s not about the technology at all – it’s about the results that the solution can drive in a simple, intuitive way. The simpler the experience, the faster I can get to that “feeling of energized, successful focus.”

Let me close by asking you to think about your typical work-day: pick today, pick yesterday, pick whatever day you like. How much of the day was spent in energized, successful focus? How much of your day “flowed”? How would you like to increase that percentage? Let me suggest that changing your communications tools could have a significant impact on how “flow-full” your days are. And keep in mind that many of the capabilities I’ve spoken about to increase flow are available to try before you buy. So, go ahead and kick the tires. Once you’ve tried UC from Avaya, I doubt you’ll want to give it back!

How To Get Your Unified Communications

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